for me personally. i don't want to die hating people, or being angry. people make mistakes. forgiving them doesn't mean you have to be their best friend again. it's just letting go of all those emotions that can hold you back. most of all you need to forgive yourself though. every day is a new learning curve full of new experiences and it's ok if you do something stupid. your just learning. you need to forgive though. life is a whole lot better when you do.
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its not the goodbye that hurts but the flashbacks that follow , sometimes u cant forgive what u cant forget , and if u dont forgive with all ur heart ...its just not worth it ...its like u say i love u and than walk away

Everybody wants happiness , nobody wants pain ...but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain this rimed . When u get mad , when u hate , when in desperate measures you wanna kill ...its not the people you hate , its their deeds . And you can forgive the people 100 times a day , but you can always get disappointed by their deeds , even if they exist only in the past . The falling leaf doesn't hate the wind , it hates the falling .

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