To me, it's a strength to be able to forgive, because there's always the risk that the person who hurt you might do it again, but you're strong enough to give them a second chance and you're brave enough to take a risk. Also, forgiving will bring you peace and you'll know you did the right thing. I forgive pretty easily and often people think it's okay to use me and hurt me because I'll anyways forgive them. But I know I'm strong enough to be able to handle it. And I believe turning away from forgiveness is a more likely sign of weakness than forgiving, because when you don't forgive, it shows a lot about you, you're afraid to give it another try, but it's okay, I'm not saying people who don't forgive are wrong, I'm just saying that forgiveness is a good thing and you should be proud if you are able to forgive. If any person hurts you even after your forgiveness, it just tells a lot about them. And sometimes, forgiving isn't about giving a second chance.. Sometimes, to me, it's knowing that the person who hurt you is a human as well and humans make mistakes, and it's okay.. And that I don't hold any grudges towards them. But things don't always go back to the way they were before.. I had a friend and he hurt me over and over again. But I always forgave him, and then finally I decided maybe it's not meant for us to be, so we basically drifted apart, but if I see him again, I'll just smile so he knows it's okay. I forgave him even if he wasn't sorry.
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