Forgiveness Allows Us To Move On

Forgiveness allows us to move on, this does not mean we will forget.

My favorite quote is "im not weak because I forgive, Im just strong enough to know we all make mistakes."

i believe we all need to remember we've been guilty of many evils ourselves. If we expect to be forgiven for those sins, then we must also learn to forgive those who have wronged us. I try to remember each sin i commit as the nails that they used to place Jesus Christ upon the cross. (this is not to say im perfect, far from it. What i mean is, Its a constant reminder that I am in now way shape or form any better than anyone else.)

I pray for guidance in my words and actions. I do not want to be a stumbling block for another, when i have so many other things that i have already placed upon my head. I mean not to offend others, and only ask for the respect that i give. My works, I pray are pleasing to the Lord, that i may find a place within His grace.

this being said I bid you a blessed day.

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salt water and sweet water<br />
do NOT come from the same source...

yes it is a great "healer" to our spirit, heart, and lives.. you are so right henry. thank you but that comment.

When I've held on to the anger it only burdens me. And as tough as it was to forgive it actually set me free from the anger inside of me. And that person never even knew about it. But I did. And I benefitted.

ive been there. this is where we need to remind ourselves, not everyone is the same. not everyone is out to hurt us...make us look like idiot..or use us...(make note im working on this at the moment myself, since i was hurt by a "close friend" though i found out otherwise) im not saying be trusting right off! no you need to keep a little self protection up. simply saying maybe just sit back for a little bit, you dont have to give the other person ALL the details, but maybe a little insight as to why you are hesitate to get close to them at first. (keeping in mind that we should never jump from one relationship to another for any reason) <br />
take time to heal, but dont judge others by what one or two people have done to you. <br />
if you believe this person is being honest, maybe they are....proceed with guarded steps. if they ask why your not trusting or acting strangely towards them...share a little with them. maybe say "ive had someone i cared about lie to me, and deeply hurt me. I dont want to look at everyone as my enemy, but i'm having a little trouble letting go of that pain right now. all i ask is patience." if they cannot give you patience, then more than likely they are after something that will eventually hurt you again, and frankly they arent/may not be worth your effort. <br />
if you would like i will pray for your situation.

I agree, i know exactly what you mean.ive had many painful experiences and its not easy by any means to forgive and forget , though, our strength i believe comes from being able to forgive.. it gives us power to move on. also in my opinion i dont think we should forget!...the way i view it is, the mistakes others made and we have made are what make us who we are, and we need to grow from those experiences. if we forget about things done to us it makes it easier for others to continue to hurt us.