Have A Heart

We have all been wronged in some point in our lives but it happens in everyday life. Whatever took place we have to learn to forgive and forget even though it easier said then done. People that you would never expect to hurt you will do it whether it's intentional or not.  There are those that tend to hold a grudge because they feel they are right, but does this really matter? Life is too short to waste it by not forgiving someone, be the bigger person and forgive.  There are so many things to take into consideration by not forgiving someone, you could lose a family member or friend and neither of you ever forgave the other. 

Forgiveness is something we all should practice and it doesn't make us weak. I believe the more we forgive and forget the healthier we will be. Being able to forgive someone shows just how much heart you have. Let go of the past and live for the future because you will be much happier.

SoftSpokenOne SoftSpokenOne
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6 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Love that!

Forgiving is right thing which helps one to move forward in their life, at that same time the person who hurted you will never learn what he done toyou., how to make them learn their mistakes and tell they hurt someone who loves them too much....

hey like your wisdom. Then again people are not inclined to be more open or yet want to do somethig to help things run smooth. I often wondered if we could go back 70 years ad try over will tere be a WW2 with those who hated certain peoples to try and make them extict. Then the dropping of the bomb that killed many and ruined a land is this right and who can forgive them. I forgave my ex wife for trying to put an end to my existense but she really did not fully care and still hates me along with the kids. Sad really and yet there are those who truly do care in which I really care for.

Yes, i agree. Forgiveness is the ultimate ex<x>pression of love. Its just such a hard think to do when you are hurting ....

I'm also really trying to practice this. I think doing whatever we have to do to get our focus off ourselves and helping others is a key part of this effort.

I am trying, but it is just so difficult that even when you know it's the best thing for you