Today is a dark day
My friends birthday was yesterday
I sent her many a message but she didn't see any of them

A whole back I was upset with this friend because she wouldn't let me follow them on twitter, I KNOW that is a stupid thing to get up set about but I'm already super insecure and I have trouble trusting people
Anyway I knew she let our other close friend follow her and this friend also follows me so I confront my friend and she says she won't let me follow her, for me this is hard to get why and it hurt like I had fallen from a talk building
Now I live with it everyday knowing that she and the 2nd friend stay up nearly every night talking or tweeting each other and I'm not involved
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Why didn't you ask her why, and was it so important to follow her?

As I said I know it was a stupid thing to get upset over it's just they've kept things from me on the past
They have little conversations and don't include me

Girl... I know the feeling and the sad truth is it happens to people all the time regardless of the age. Women especially tend to be real b!tche$ about talking about others behind their backs.

You won't like what I'm gonna say but you have to get a thicker skin. Friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself, to make you feel positive and proud of who you are. If they don't, there's no point in having them in your life. Do you realize that you feel insecure BECAUSE of how they're behaving towards you? Good friends don't do that. These aren't your best friends. You need to let go and surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are and make you feel good about yourself. It may take some time but you have to believe in yourself and try. Good luck, sweetie. I've been there. You can do it. ❤️

Ps: it's not a stupid thing. Your feelings are very real and valid. This matters to you but they don't care. Don't give them, or anyone else, that power.

See I agree with nearly all of that except
They don't make me feel insecure they compliment me they make me happy they are some of the only people I can be myself around and not be judged.
I love them like family they accept me for who I am and likewise

Then why is she blocking you and talking about you behind your back??!!

There not talking about me behind there back! They just whisper but normally I can hear them without them realising also I don't know why she blocked me go ask her that ive already tried three times to follow her

"Talking behind your back" is an expression which means they talk about you when you're not around. You already said they stay up late tweeting or whatever and you're not involved. How exactly is that making you feel good about yourself? (Btw, is that your only form of communication? Do you not meet face to face or talk on the phone anymore?

Were in school still so we see eachother everyday

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