It's So Stupid...

Why should gay people not be allowed to profess their love for each other the same way heteros can? my aunt is a lesbian, has been all of my lifetime anyways. she has been with her partner since i was about 2-3 years old, which means they have been together 20 or so years. now that's alot longer than most marriages between heteros last these days. it just makes me so so angry that my aunts cant show the world and the history books, government etc just how much they mean to each other by binding themselves to each other. i have a different view on marriage to most girls my age, to me it's just a piece of paper showing others that 2 people are choosing to be together, but then again there are people out there who have open marriages, so whats the point in getting married then? my mums really into family history at the moment, and in who knows 100 years down the track, will my relations be able to find out if they had gay great great great etc aunts? unless some one states is specifically in records, who will they know?





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Yes! Define Normal. Furthermore homosexuality is natural amongst thousand of species on this planet, not just humans. Some people and their ignorance. Rock on ElectroGirlie youre thinking right !

Arashi- i dont and never have believed in god. and why shouldnt 2 people of the same sex fall in love, it's their own choice, not all kids have a mum and dad, i have 2 of both due to my parents divorcing when i was really young, and then both remarrying, some kids are raised by their grand parents or aunts and uncles. im sure if there was a child in a same sex marriage that his or her parents would have spoken to them about things first, my brother is autistic and they spoke to him, letting him know why and how he is different. why is different bad? and who gets to state whats "normal" anyways?

Are u out of your mind? isnt it obvious? just 2 different types of sex on the planet... jus a penis and just a vagina and the sudden is natural to be a lesbian and gay.. and all the sudden maybe boy&girl isnt right?? and what will happen next? a kid with 2 dads will enter kindergarden and will have problems because most of the kids will have a mom&dad but he wont. ...confussion.... that's how our ******* society is going to end. sick people... what the hell ir wrong with us? no wonder why god left this planet already

I think the younger generations are being raised a little more open minded. Hopefully it will only be a matter of time before everyone is treated equally. Yuo have a good point though about the family tree thing - how would they know? Take care.