I Have Grown To Believe The Church Has This Wrong.

Gay marriage like any marriage is a promise between two people to love each other for this life.

This is supposed to be against Gods will?

The Bible says marriage was created as a sacred institution so that we would stop sinning. What is that sin? Every single creation mates and many just take whatever they can get. That isn't sin but with us it is. Why?

I would suggest it is because we kept killing eachothers souls.

Let me explain what I mean here...someone tells you they love.you and you fall in love and are intimate...committed. Then something happens and you grow apart. It rarely ends well. Someone gets their heart ripped out.

Marriage is a covenant though and God honors it. They do fail but less often. They would fail less if they were kept holy.

The sin is the failure to love each other.

Jesus made this easy to understand. The whole of the law is love God and love your neighbor. Without marriage we are far to likely to hurt each other with devastating cruel actions.

Satan loves this. He can use it as an example of how dumb and hypocritical the Church is being and attack hundreds of millions of peoples faith.

This Is a satanic wedge issue. Used to by the deceiver to keep people from God.

Forget all the dumb debate. Judge right. Look at the fruit gained from the oposition stance? Hatred, bitterness, etc.

It's wrong.

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Thanks to both of you.