What Does It Matter?

What does it matter if two people in love want to get married? Whether they be gay lesbian, trannies or not who are you to say they can't be happy? Don't even bring up the sanctity of marriage crap, what with all the divorce rates going up. Lets not forget the cheating, sex before marriage and fetishes everyone has. Every one has a right to me married, and the chance to be happy. It's not about who you are when you get married, it's about who you become after that counts. 
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1 Response May 24, 2012

This is the one issue that I'm the most passionate about. This is how I see it...I would almost compare love to a sense (like taste, sight, hearing, etc.); we all have different preferences and if I don't like watermelon, for instance, is it acceptable for me to hate everyone who enjoys eating it? Should people not be allowed to listen to music I don't like or have a different favorite color than the government allows? If there were a TRUE separation of state and church, it wouldn't matter a damn bit. LOVE IS LOVE and I'm pretty sure most gay/bi/transgender people know how to love on a more pure level than the majority or straight married couples.