Do I Have To Say More?

Whose business is it? If it was an act against God, let God deal the justice. Its none of your business. Get over it.
creativefungilady creativefungilady
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Do I have to say more? Nope. Wish they would hurry up with this so my daughter can marry her love. And get the benefits of being a couple.

Its ironic how some of us Americans hold onto the belief of one meaning of one definition from one group of people; so much so that they would deny some one else's civil rights. Then turn around and be grateful that we could change the meaning of another definition, from another group of people; in order to give people their civil rights.

Exactly. I don't like it, but if a church doesn't want to marry gays, then they don't have to in their church. But, should not effect others. My church would more than willing to marry my daughter. Actually, several years ago, we had a wedding, and all of our family attended, and they were married. In our eyes, they are married. But the State doesn't give them married status.

I think that isn't fair. It should be an individual church decision. States would gain a lot of money in marriage licensees. I don't understand the problem. They are gay? So what, how does that effect other people? It doesn't. Some people are just plain mean spirited- even some christian ones.