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It's Just a Question of Human Rights

Unfortunately, the history of America shows that human rights tend to lag far behind racial,religious, and other prejudices, but i don't understand why the religious right gets so upset about the concept. How does it threaten them? No one is asking them to enter into a gay marriage. They're only being asked to let other Americans enjoy the same right they already have.

Within the past 100 years it has been illegal for blacks to marry whites, whites to marry Chinese, and who knows what else, and we've gotten beyond those prejudices (at least legally), so what's the problem?

Some of my best friends have been gay -- they are simply human beings who are looking for the love and security that I've found with my wife of 35 years. Why shouldn't they have it?

ChipmunkErnie ChipmunkErnie 61-65, M 10 Responses Sep 9, 2009

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the problem is that you are wanting to force churches to recognize same sex marriage - there are some that do and some that dont - if you dont like the one that does not recognize it them go to a different church - your sexual perversions are not acceptable in a Holy building

And your bigotry is not acceptable in a civilized society. But no one CARES if your church doesn't recognize gay marriage--gays just want the government to recognize their rights, they could care less about going to your church, there are plenty of churches who accept them willingly and happily.

dvhsjkfbnsadk This <3

You may be correct, but, they would not have any force of law behind them. And any church could decide for itself whether or not to perform their ritual for gays. "Marriage" would not be anyone's "right". It would simply be an available choice.

Any church can decide who they want to marry anyway -- they are not subject to law in that respect; example, the Catholic Church can refuse to sanction a divorce or perform or recognize a marriage between divorcees. Religious and legal marriage are two separate entities.

You may be correct, but, they would not have any force of law behind them. And any church could decide for itself whether or not to perform their ritual for gays. "Marriage" would not be anyone's "right". It would simply be an available choice.

These are some ancient postings, but, that's okay. It is still pertinent. The issue isn't legality of marriage. The issue is government involvement in the religious ritual of marriage. Government should get totally out of the marriage business, and eliminate all government sponsored benefits and drawbacks of marriage. All issues of property, custody, and medical decisions could be handled with a civil contract. The religious ritual would be totally irrelevant to government. THEN, the problem would go away. By the way, "religious right" and "religious left" have nothing to do with this.

I doubt the problem would go away, religious bigots what they are, they;d be against any church accepting even religious gay marriage.

What price? They grow up having to deal with bigots? The vast majority of gay children grow up with heterosexual parents.

Nobody has a monopoloy on good or bad parenting.

How do kids pay the price ? I know a gay couple and their kid is the best taken care of, most well adjusted kid I know. He's very happy, has lots of friends and is himself heterosexual. I know a lot of kids from hetero unions that are'nt well taken care of and paying a huge price just because their parents are idiots.

Personally, I don't care much for the aspect of "gay marriage". Either way, to each his own. But ultimately, when they adopt, or whatever, kids pay the price. I don't think that is right.

Gay marriage not being legal is against the constitution. I don't understand how gays getting married should even have to be voted on. It's already been proven that being gay is not a choice. Gays are born gay. They should have the same rights as anyone else. This is a topic that totally infuriates me and makes me want anyone who says elsewise to have their IQ tested. By the religious right voting on this issue, it's literally forcing religion on society and clearly a breach of separation of church and state. It's absurd ! The constitution does not say ..Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness....unless you are gay.<br />
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This is one thing I will absolutely fight for. I am disabled and a complete sociaphobe..but if there was a gay march to promote gay marriage anywhere near here..I would march it if I had to drag myself all the way !<br />
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Some of the best and most moral people I have ever known in my life are gay. I will fight for their rights with my last breath.