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...understand why gay marriage isnt legal. People keeping using God as an excuse for it not to happen. I believe in God and I think gays should marry. I highly doubt God thinks its ok for gays to be denied rights they should already have. Its sad they have to fight for what they want. Marriage isnt about the people. Its about the love.
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4 Responses Apr 4, 2010

No offence to you (I wish all religious people were like you) but God shouldn't have anything to do with it. If two atheists want to get married, why should it matter what somebody else's God thinks about it? If two people of any religion(s) want a secular marriage in the eyes of their state, what right do their church(es) have to object?

Thank you. Gay marriage will happen in Australia under our new Prime Minister.

Was Gillard against it then?

Yes totally. She is an athiest and lives with Her partner, and as such has no logical reason to object to marriage equality. Kevin Rudd is a Christian but believes in equality for all. If Malcom Turbull became the new Liberal leader the election would be very interesting as Turbull also believes in equality.

Thank you folks for posting about this... As a gay man, it annoys me to think that I cannot get married because people think that its against the bible and religion. Funny how most of these opponents seem to forget that there was a time when marriage was arranged and had nothing to do with love... Marriage has changed with the times and now it's time for gays to have that right. As Wanda Sykes once said, "If you are opposed to gay marriage, don't have one!"

Religion and politics have not business being on the same planet. I'm not gay but I have gay friends and I trully feel bad for the discrimination they face. Hopefully, this will change quickly and we can all move forward.<br />
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Very well put - "marriage sin't about the people. It's about love"