Why Not?

Mind you, living in Canada where it already IS legal, that issue has been finally put to rest here. However, for much of the rest of the "developed" world and for that matter, the "developing" world it remains woefully absent. Maybe I'm just too rational or non-religious, but I really don't see the problem and have yet to encounter an objective, non-religious based argument against it.

Tuva Tuva
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3 Responses Apr 4, 2010

Okay, here's my opinion. Marriage is a legal contract. That is different from a private affair. My family is Greek Orthodox and the church does not perform gay marriages. I'm fine with that and in favor of it. It goes against our traditions. It's not something I want to force on people at all. The problem is that when you turn a private ceremony into a legal proceeding you now have to deal with public regulations. It's perfectly within the rights of a church to refuse any marriage application for any reason and I'm fine with that. But when you talk about civil marriage you need to keep in mind the legal ramifications. You have a legal contract entered into by two consenting adults. Specifying who can enter into that contract and who cannot based on gender is, in my view, blatant discrimination. If two women, say, wanted to enter into a legal contract and are told it's invalid because of the gender of one or both of them seems to be pretty obviously discriminatory.

You don't even need the moral and practical arguments. In my opinion you have a valid legal one.

It has been legal for some years in Germany here, and no cataclysm happened, society has not been destroyed. If people want to marry, i. e. commit to one another and be responsible for each other in bad times, why hinder them? With the same logic, we could take away all the advantages married people get (tax- and otherwise) from couples who are not able or willing to have children.

no u are absolutely right...gay people should have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us!!! ;) just joking...but yea they def should be allowed to get married