I've Always Known

My mom would always tell me it was okay to be gay, that she wouldn't think any different of me. Despite this I have always liked girls even before I knew why. Now, though, I did try to find out if I was cheating myself since as a sort of feminine looking guy everyone thinks (or wishes maybe) that I was gay, so I met a guy who wanted to lick my feet and more, I started with just my feet licked and liked that part, but knew instantly I wouldn't want him to go further, he was kind enough to stay at my feet if I allowed him to pleasure himself while it happened. So even though having my feet licked by a guy feels nice, its not worth "converting" just for that, but thats not to say I would refuse an offer from a guy who wanted to lick my feet.

So be what you were born to be, to be anything else will be easily seen through
trentmartin trentmartin
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1 Response May 4, 2012

<p>Trent, you probably don't remember but there was a guy that you were going to meet up with that lived in AZ and he was gonna come and visit you and get at those feet. the thing is, that guy got scared cause he had to come to grips with things like you did, as far as trying to figure out if he's gay cause even though he KNOWS he's not gay, he does like male feet and female feet alike. anyway, that guy cut all communication with you cause he actually saw himself getting ready to travel and see you and get at those feet because after all, you crave the very act that I crave to perform how could it NOT be right on...it was too real too perfect..too good to be true? perhaps not but none the less I have changed my name but not my taste in feet ha ha. anway, good to see you on here still. i'll catch ya later...</p><p>J.R. formerly known as "wishididntlikefeett" peace :)</p>