So, Clinton Had a Bj least he's not a mass murderer. I'll believe his intentions are noble when he sends his own kids to war.

Anyway, I love this icon. Bravo!

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I am not even going to comment! Nor will I state the obvious!

LOL OMG that is such a funny comment. <br />
<br />
Slacker, I too, was against Bush before it was cool. I didn't vote for him once either. :)

Bring Clinton back! I'll blow him myself to get W outta here!<br />
I don't think I can wait until next January!

lol, something tells me he has No Mojo!

He should get a hot intern!

I was against Bush before it was cool.<br />
<br />
I never voted for him once.

~xD (seriously, I wasn't expecting something as funny-lol)

somewhere in Texas, a small village has lost its idiot...