Is Georgie An Idiot????

Sure hope not because if he is It would make over fifty percent of us buffoon's, he was elected twice, Oh, maybe once some tend to think The Bore won the first race.... thank god for small favors.
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I am sure mr. Bush did his best running the country,but in my opionion he is not a bright person....<br />
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Margi, I pray for all our military men and women every day. my husband was a retired military and I know the hardships that our military families go through, My husband ( before we met) spent three hitches in Viet Nam, the stories were haunting, he was forever changed. But he was a military man all the way, agreeing and disagreeing with our Government, but always felt like we lived in the best country there was, freedom is not free. He felt like we had the responsibility to help any one who wanted to share some of those freedoms. We spoke to many men ans women in the military, as we were taking hops and traveling allot. most felt like they would rather fight overseas than here, they wanted to keep these terrorists as far from home as possible. I have to believe that things are improving and the Iraqis are and will continue to take control of their own Government. As far as Dem's and Rep's go the line between the two parities have been very fine, I think things are about to change. We need to get back to principles and putting the people back in charge. Again I want to believe things will get better with a McCain/Palin ticket. My best to you Margi, and I will keep your family in my prayers. God Bless..<BR><BR>Samm, Great leader? not many of them were they are servants some better than others but Again I have to believe they all did the best they knew how.. No Idiots there... We can differ with out name calling or am I being naive???

I understand your point..well put and agreed. The thing is, as an outsider living in the UK I really can't comprehend anyone NOT thinking that GWB is anything but an Idiot....just not logical to think of him as a great leader...<br />
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Sammy Jo xx

I'm not happy about any of this. And some of you know that my husband is currently deployed to Iraq for his second 15 month tour. Someone farther back in this thread mentioned that the military is stretched very, very thin, and they are correct. Not only are the soldiers themselves stretched, but their families are as well. Ward, I too have come to the conclusion that the Dems have the people's best interests at heart. I keep hearing how Republican's aren't going to raise taxes, but gosh, you know what? We don't even land in a tax bracket right now. We don't make enough money. The tax cuts that they're talking about making permanent only affect those making what are to me, HUGE amounts of money. I don't think that the tax cuts the Republicans have been talking about affect the average Joe or Jane. Can anyone correct me on this if I'm wrong? <br />
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Anyways...Look, no matter what anyone wants to say, this long term, what seems to be never ending war is really, really hard on the military and on the economy as well. We've gone into a massive deficit to pay for it. I can't believe how far in debt we are! Even WWI and WWII didn't last this long. And even with the gains that have been made with the increase in troop strength in Iraq, we are basically back to where we stood when the increase was authorized. I just read an article today about how in Basra, where the Brits recently turned things over to the Iraqis, crimes such as kidnappings and murders are rising tenfold, which is leading to protests and general unrest. The inability of the Iraqi Government to come to any kind of agreement, is leading to the Sunni volunteers who have been driving the "Awakening Councils", the movement behind the increase in security, to abandon their posts, because they are not being recognized as instrumental by the National Government. <br />
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My point is this: We can stay there and referee and get shot at and blown up for God knows how long. It is not going to get any better until the Iraqis take the steps that will ultimately lead to their finally taking responsibility for their own futures. It's like the relationship between a child and a parent. You can tell a child that there will be consequences if they do not follow your instructions and meet your expectations. However, if the parent does not enforce the rules, the child will have free rein and grow up to be at best, unruly. But, heck, you know what? Even that analogy is flawed, because we haven't had the guts to even give the Iraqis any rules or "benchmarks" as the politicians like to call them. Without rules, kids grow up to be thugs. That's what we have going on in Iraq. Yeah, great. I understand and in some instances even subscribe to the "we broke it, now we own it and have to fix it philosophy". But, at the same time, I think it's darned well time that we grew a bloody backbone and told the Iraqis, "Look, we came in here, we spent tons of our money on you guys, our men and women have spilled their blood for your freedom, it is time that you took responsibility for your actions. You will meet these requirements by this time. If you do, you will be rewarded. If you don't, you'll be penalized." I do not think that this approach is sissy or flawed. I think that it's common sense. I think that this open-ended commitment, with no draft to back it up is unfair to those of us who have volunteered (YES, I count myself as a volunteer, I could have told my husband not to reenlist and he would have listened to me)! It is unfair to expect the Army to take the brunt of the deployments. To ask our men and women to spend 15 months plus the two to three months training in between deployments away from their families, who ultimately they are fighting for, is not only immoral, it is cruel. It is traumatic. So, either tell the Iraqis that the jig is up and they need to start standing up for themselves, or reinstate the draft and make all American's pay for their freedom.<br />
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With Respect,<br />

Lex, there is another Star in the running.... I watched the Rep. debates and Oh my Gowwd...Yuck a poo. I just thought they all were dweebs.. I so far have no clue who I will cast my ballot for. It is very depressing to think this is what we have to choose from..

I never said Bush was the only idiot who got elected - and I am sure he won't be the last. Our political system is too corrupt now, and will not be able to sustain itself for much longer.

I have no clue on the upcoming election....can I vote "I obstain"?<br />
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Imagine not....I personally would be thrilled at another Reagan....but...know that is wishing on a star...<br />
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**haha...didnt see the punn until I typed it.**

eyes, In Katrina, it wasn't the hurricane that destroyed the area it was the Levy's, which they all knew were in need of repair. The mayor had the resourses ti get those people out but did nothing . He was re elected... Everyone knew Louisiana is in a bowl and it was only a matter of time to get the major hurricane. I'm in Pensacola Fl. we get lots of warning that a hurricane is coming , some responsibility has to go to the individuals. I went through, hurricane Andrew in South Florida had no electric for 6 weeks, we had military help but people helped themselves too. Hurricane season you prepare... President is not responsible for everything, those people and the local officials( who they elected) had plenty of time to get people out it should have been mandatory. I do pray that our next election is going to produce good results, but I don't see anyone any better. It's like the three stooges to me Larry , Curley or Moe and Stooge will do... Lets all pray ... we need it..

I didn't much like Clinton either. but a blow job is a helluva lot different than telling lies about not knowing what could happen in Katrina, about the whole Iraq mess, and everything else. At this point, if he told me the sky was blue, I wouldn't believe him. <br />
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If we go into Iran we are screwed, we can't handle it. Bush has weakened our military and put our boys lives on the line for his own petty wants and needs.

Oh, my GOWWWWDDD I Missed allot here... Blow jobs and all...He, He... eyes, remember the wagging finger from Bubba... yes, it was about sex, but lie in a little lie in allot.. Lets just pray our new bubba will know the difference in truth and lie. Oh, I also think many countries and yes even Bubba Clinton believed there were weapons of mass destruction. I pray we won't have to go to Iran next that little **** is starting to show his Bu t t...

It makes us look like idiots will not do what the majority of the country wants. It makes us look like idiots when we will persecute a president for a sexual indiscretion, but not for out right lieing to the entire country, and hijacking the government. <br />
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George Bush is not the Father of our country - he is the president. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson - they are the Fathers of our great country, and if they saw what was happening now, they would have a heart attack and die again.<br />
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We have to respect and honor the position of President - not the man who currently occupies it.

isn't that cheney's job?

I think it's a position in can't do it all on your own.<br />
Why do some of us assume that all decisions were and all his. The truth is there is way more than our President making decisions and running this country. However, he is the Father of this country and he deserves respect and support from the american people. It only makes us look like IDIOTS when we make a mochary of him. For crying out loud....the man has always been able to be himself. He does trip sometime, I agree. He also is a man of his word . And that I have to say; is admirable of him...he really fights for what he believes to be the best intrest of this country. And my final word is this: It is no wonder that the American people have become such a joke to some of the world...and what I've seen and read, it's not just the President but those Americans who do not support him, now that's something to think about, With out even thinking first, we cause most of this crap by not being supportive.<br />
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Just my thought on the subject,<br />
Take Care!

Are you kidding me? Bushy tail? Who could have done better? What did he have dumped in his lap? HE started the war on a lie!His family is friends with Bin Laden's and he went to the WRONG COUNTRY to find him! Make no mistake -he offered this country as a sacrifice to Daddy. Daddy didn't kill Sadam like he wanted so Bush went in any way he could and started off the beginning of the end of our country being great. My dead grandmother could have done a better job. Iwork 2 jobs and can't afford health insurance.He's never cared about anybody but the rich-hence the aftermath of Katrina!Still looks like a war zone and he doesn't give a crap because it's only blacks.C'on lady-Get your facts straight!

Everyone depicts him as a bungling fool, but they usually depict our presidents in a not so great light, they all give us so much to laught at, I'm not sure if its a sign of disrespect or humor, I think the latter. I agree that the two partys are getting more alike, to bad a good third party canditate is not on the horizon. this up comming election should be interesting to say the least.

Nope, I have only antenna - I'm a hard nose and will take advantage of free TV as long as I can - I do miss a lot of stuff as a result. This is my TV.

I think he missed his calling - a stand up comedian. If you read the Bush family biography - he was raised to "be king". Google Prescott Bush - his grandfather.<br />
I do agree - now that we are in Iraq - we need to stay there until "the end". Also, Google General Blackjack Pershing - he handled things with these people from another time warp in a way that they retreated and didn't come back for a few years. This was during WWI. I have a friend who's grandfather was there so know stories about Blackjack Pershing are true.

I have friends and family who are staunch Rep's and so they believe in our leader no matter what. They also get very upset if anyone denigrates him or his views in any way - calling it disrespect of office. So I don't know if they voted party or person.<br />
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Yes, third party has never made it in this country - too bad. Interesting about Perot - I wish a 3rd party could be recognized - it would make a great difference. The two parties would have to become more separate than they are - they now spend our money - all of it plus, just in different ways.

Sorry thisIsNotBilly, I just can't call the man an Idiot, I will give you he is not a speaker, gets fumbled up and even makes words up to suit himself,But not an Idiot, I don't know who could have done a better job. How would we predict an outcome? He's not much of a politician,not spit shinned and polished, I do think he has kept with his convictions. not swayed to the polls. So I hope we can respectfully agree to disagree.

Guess that's why they don't let women be president. Hell I'd do better than him any day. People act like women are too emotional to run the country. Hell, at least i'm not an idiot. I could be cramping, bloated, and going out of my mind on the edge and still do a better job. I've heard some pretty bad things about him so why did he get re-elected. Sometimes he really ticks me off. He will have a period once i'm through with his a**. More people need to vote and maybe we wouldn't have these problems. We need someone more average who understands Americans needs and is not trying to get our votes just to be famous and live in the white house. F*** there shouldn't even be a president if they're all gonna act like idiots and all the good presidents and ones who actually had potential got assassinated.

Good so we agree George Bush is an idiot.

I guess one Idiot would have been as good as the other. Al Gore is a buffoon. it's getting to be any stooge will do. We are in bad shape.

He is without a doubt an idiot! <br />
But only the people that voted him into office the second time are idiots.

Your right Maple, and there are other examples...Until the third pary's gain in stature with the Dem's and Rep's if it's possible

Do you really feel they have firm convictions about the person in which they are voting for or the party affiliation?

Most of us vote with our emotions - whoever appeals to our feelings and emotions will win. As far as being an informed voter - even I have a hard time with it. Trying to study the issues and make an informed decision just doesn't seem possible. There are hidden "earmarks" and all sorts of things to watch for. By the time a person has read the blurbs, listened to the media, and talked with friends, either numbness or confusion sets in. And, yet, there are some who have firmness of conviction and their views are not wavered in any way. Wish I could be one of those!

How true Moxie, thats why people don't vote, they give us lip service but when they get in office it all changes...<br />
So how do we choose between lesser evil's, who the hell do we believe?

Our elections seem to have come to voting for the lesser "evil" these days. We need a third party to get the other two parties back in line. My thoughts are the two parties we have just spend our money differently and that is about the only difference. We think we know who we are voting for but when the chips are down - we haven't a clue!

Very true Chris..This up coming election will not be any different, chose from Larry , Curly or Moe any stooge will do..

I think it has something to do with the fact that only one third of Americans actually vote.

I think it's called the Electoral College

I still can't believe he got re elected....I just can't...I will never understand what people were thinking !

I still don't think he actually won, I think he took by treachory, deciet, and money.