God Spoke To Me

Well, here is my story. I know that God exists.

I used to wonder if there really was a God...until I experienced two events that made me a believer. I did not grow up going to church often, I never even had my first communion.....so I am far from being a bible thumper! But this is an honest to God true story- no pun intended, that changed my beliefs.

I was sleeping and having a vivid dream. In my dream, I was on the beach. The beach is my favorite place to be in the whole wide world. In my dream, I was annoyed by the sound of the waves crashing, which made no sense to me...I love the sound of crashing waves. I was looking at myself in the dream. I said " Why is it so LOUD?? Why is it so ANNOYING! I wish it would STOP!", and I watched myself putting my hands over my ears to shut out the sound. When I took my hands off my ears, A low, soft, yet stern man's voice from all around me said, "Then listen to THIS!!"
At that very moment, I woke up from my dream, and I was still annoyed....still half in the dream, half awake.
I opened my eyes in the dark and said out loud,"Listen to this? Listen to what???"

So I listened. I heard nothing. Silence.

Instantly, I sat straight up. Silence in my house meant something was wrong. We all sleep with fans on 365 days a year to drown out any outside noise. I have done it since I was young, and have gotten anyone who has ever slept at my home addicted to sleeping with fans as well. The ceiling fan above me was off..... the box fan on the floor was off, too.

I looked in the dark toward my son's crib, that was about arms length from me. Between me and his crib, was an outlet. I saw a glow coming from the little plug holes, and smelled somthing that resembled burnt plastic.

I called 911. The fire truck came blaring to my house at four something in the morning, "regulations" they said why they sounded the loud *** siren.....I asked! The fire station was only two or three blocks away.
While I was giving the baby a bottle, whose eyes were huge with wonderment from the fire engine's siren, and probably confused that I was waking him up, they went upstairs.

A small fire had just begun slowly burning in between the walls. They hacked a hole in the wall and put the fire out. They asked me how in the world did I know that a fire was slowly starting in the wall?
After all, the smoke detectors weren't going off, there wasn't any smoke, until they put the extinguisher on it. They also said how very lucky we were, because a fire like that can spread quickly between the walls, and by the time it's discovered, it's out of control. All the bedrooms are upstairs.....we never even discussed an escape route had ther ever been a fire.

It turns out the landlord had reversed the wires when he installed the ceiling fan. It shorted out the ceiling fan, causing a spark.

Is it all some huge coincidence that I woke up the very moment that I did? I don't think so.

I know that there truly is a God.......HE spoke to me.

If you believe in Him, I mean truly believe in Him with all your heart, talk to Him before you go to sleep, ask Him to bless so and so, and most of all thank Him for giving you life......one day, He might
talk to you, too!

I have one more story that involves the passing of my dad. I don't want to take up more space, but maybe I'll post it sometime.

Again.....I rarely go to church because I have major panic attacks, I'm embarrassed I can't go receive Holy Communion with everyone else.
I keep my beliefs to myself, but if my telling this story may give someone hope there really may be a God, then I'm happy I could help.
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