I Believe God Exists

When I found out that my father had blood cancer (not lukiemia, but there is another form of it)  I prayed to God to give me a sign that he will be okay.  God didn't give me one sign, but he gave me three signs.  My father has and will be a Yankee's baseball fan.  That night, after I prayed, I turned on the news and at the end of it they newscaster said that the 4th of July fireworks were going to be at Yogi Berra (retired Yankee) Park.  Then when I turned onto Sports Channel, they were talking about Yogi Berra, and then when I was watching the Biography channel, they were talking about how Yogi Berra got his nickname.  This is how I feel that God really does exist and  he listens.
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Jul 21, 2010