I Prayed That My Baby Would Be Ok

I've learned through my situation that GOD works miracles over these few days. I am 16. I had been having complications with my pregnancy for a while the middle of my second trimester. I thought it was imanent that I'd miscarry. Up until today I was sure I wouldn't carry to term. My specialist told me that it seems I'm further along than was first said been a lot of help and instilled my hope and faith. I'm 22 weeks. I shall ever give up GOD is VERY GREAT. Anyway, I just needed to share that thanx for listennin :)
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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

good thing to hear :) now you have to search for the god's word...if there's a god there should be a word of the god and there's a religion for the god too!!<br />
so if u search for the religion of the god u have many choice's...the 3782658685 religion in india and etc...and its all false for sure because it made up by a known humans!<br />
and 3 religions that have books...jew's religion "dont know how to write in english" and chirstianty and islam!<br />
and u can't be jew cuz your mother must be jew too !! so we can delete this from religion's list too...<br />
islam and chirstianty left! then you have to search on both of them to know what's the real religion of them...you maybe know much about chirstianty but you don't know anything about islam..or maybe you think that muslims pray for moon or eat people alive or drink the blood when the moon become complete or they just bomb themselfs in everything because they are mad!<br />
well what i want to say is...search more and may god guide you to the right way :)<br />