Here With Us

God Exists just as the trees he made and the animals he put here . He shows his self to us each and everyday and if you look for it closely you could catch it . He lives in each of us and around us  Isnt it awesome to know there's always some one there even when it feels like were alone ?
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2008

God is real to me.I cannot read the Bible without realizing the Reality of God. I cannot watch the Creation or the Nature without discerning the Creator, the God Almighty.God is so real to me more than anything I see and hear around me.God is more real than myself.I depend on God to see, to understand and learn.Apart from God, I am nothing and can do nothing.God is the life I have;that is in Him I live, walk and breath.Daily I experiece the Reality of God.I have freedon only because God exists.Satan, the demons and all the evil would never allow me to enjoy even one second of freedon.Virtue would be impossible without God.See Voltaire, Nietche and other atheists and learn with their ends.

The small blessings of life . a smile from a stranger when your feeling down , waking up to a new day ... which in itself is a huge gift .

What do you see If you look closely>