God Is Sooooo Real

I know that God exists, and Is so real.  He is the reason that I'm here, He is my joy and peace.  Through hard times he is my shield, through good times, i know that He smiles with me.

I have so many testimonies, once i was in a bad car wreak ,almost lost my life, but I called on Him in tThe name of Jesus, and the car and my family was safe.
nananelson nananelson
56-60, F
4 Responses May 26, 2011

I ahve not even read the story lol. I like the name of the title though!

Thank you for sharing this simple but profound testimony. Once you believe, you find that everything in life supports that belief. It is actually far more difficult to not believe. And praise God for His kindness in your life.

It takes continual prayer and meditation in Gods Word. A song in a "Merry Heart".

I'm glad your faith is so strong :)