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I grew up as an atheist and then turned agnostic in my early adulthood. But as I began to grow up and mature I found my beliefs changing. And then an experience happened for me that changed everything. I felt God's presense in a moment and since that moment have alwaysed believed. I feel that a huge depth to my person was missing in the way I used to think. To know I was created by Him makes me feel so different about life and myself.
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I too have had various experiences in life, but when I became "one with" that great mind, I saw myself as my own creator and all-that-is as my source. I saw my own great power and I began to play with it.<br />
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Through that, I came to understand that Jesus and the christian church (as established by Paul and formalized by Constantine) say two different things. In fact, it is impossible for Jesus to have worshiped the christian god. <br />
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There is an alternative explanation for your experience, and that alternative explanation for the god-concept is far more comforting. Think it through, see your own power, test what I have said, and you will never be crippled by fear again.

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I can understand.<br />
Some ppl miserable FAIL 2 undrstnd that God exists.

Some try very hard to make sure that they don't. It's sad to me. If they only knew Him they would see how they have been hurting themselves.

That;'s perfctly CORRECT, :)

Praise the Lord Glory to Him in the highest I pray He shows you His glory in a 360 degree turnaround God bless you

I like you story:)


I am too. I'm so grateful for knowing God and having Him reveal Himself to me. My life changed so much and continues to everyday.