Intelligent Creation Requires Intelligent Designer

My perception of God stems mostly from the complexity I see in all things. I see a bird flying , and think to myself how does everything naturally know what to do? Every living creature as well as celestial bodies have a working purpose great and small. When I think back to the beginning I see the only answer as an Intelligent Architect, God ! I have had many people tell me that the existence of living organisms is the result of billions of years of adaptation as the result of molecular compounds combining to form the building blocks of life. Aside from my experiences first hand with the supernatural I have always took a scientific approach to explain things before i came to a definitive conclusion. What I have found is despite having been here in existence for billions of years, every thing in existence originated from a source. What that source is has always been a controversial debate, however what we may be able to agree on is that the origin of creation was and is equally complex in design and intelligence as the working order of this current Universe. Call it what you will but the fact remains you can't make a Rocket without the scientist......
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You mention first hand experiences with the supernatural.......Have you discovered what quantum physics has demonstrated? In short, it's demonstrated that observation affects reality. The premise is interesting, and I feel has validity in one's search for god.