Each And Every One Of You Are Loved.

The wonderful moment you have your first kiss and fall in love for the very first time. The sounds of the ocean and the beautiful sunrises and sunset that touch the horizon and fill all of the skies that surround you. The feeling when you touch the grass as you lay on it and watch the clouds flow by on a cerulean blue sky.

You are given so much, and yet many appreciate so little. Observe, these things were all given to you equally. This was given out of love, to you. No child who walks among the earth is made to go without. You are all loved, each and everyone of you. It is this love that when you breathe fills your lungs and is whispered within your ears.

Time flows forward everlastingly but the love given to you is forever instilled in every moment of your life. In times of difficulty it is easy to be so overcome with emotion that you forget about what is already before you. This is not your fault, we all face trying times that provide so much difficult strain to ourselves.

Open your eyes dear ones, for the time of happiness is right now. It is never a distance from you. You are loved every second of your life. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever will be.
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3 Responses Apr 16, 2012

Love it.giving me hope,life has still charm. Just we have to change our mind from negativity to positivity.<br />
What a wisdom.thanks.<br />
As its said give nice things and receive nice in return true.<br />
So sure Almighty,the merciful is not leaving us alone.


Nice.......I love Jesus too.