Once it was requested to a Saint to deliver a lecture on God and his existence.. He said "What I'll do there"? He was requested by a group of people that he has to, so he went to crowd & asked - Do you believe god exists?...... The crowd raised their hands and shouted.... Yes...Yes...

The Saint then said to hosts-"They know god exists, what I''ll do here then....& he left.


Day 2

The group decided to convince crowd to say no to any question the saint asks..

After a lot of request the Saint agreed to come over the loudspeaker again & asked the crowd - "Do you believe God exists" ? Everyone denied & Saint said- If the don't believe in God then what's the opoint of my lercture ....& left.


Day 3

Organizers were fed up but yet decided to bring him on stage, now crowd really wanted to listen his lecture so when they were asked by saint"do god exists" ? half said yes, half denied...

Now saint said- " First you all sit together and decide whether god exists or not"..


Day 4

Now everybody was calm and sat in pin drop silence. The saint came over the stage and Asked " Do you feel there is god"? The crowd was silent yet... The Saint left by saying -"Now they don't need any lecture, while at peace they now know that god can be felt only".
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Love this one , I had a short chat with a young man who said he didn't believe in any kind of God , My reply : That's okay , God believes in you .