Stop And Determine

There is this prayer that is so very well known and yet most dont stop to really hear it. By saying hear it, i mean when you say it, listen to what you are saying. at least this is my observation. I hear people say it over and over and then turn right around and do just the opposite.. thinking they can control every situation. When going through life we will be faced with so many challenges each and everyday, first we tend to blame, either we blame the challenge or we blame God for giving it to us. sometime after blaming we then see it is just a situation we are in and now we have one of two choices. these two choices will determine how we handle or even yet how we will feel about this challenge and that will determine how we handle it. those two choices are in the prayer.
God grant me the serenity to accept
the things i can not change.
Change the things i can
And the wisdom to know the
Remember ever single thing that happens to you in your life, you can apply this prayer to, but you first have to accept the fact your in this situation, then decide, can I do something about this, or is this not in my control. I think this will only help in making ones life better. this is my opinion, thank you.
Hare Krishna
bhaktagerald bhaktagerald
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thanks prabhuji for posting this wonderful piece.

you are welcome. Hare Krishna

thank you. Hare Krishan and i hopw all goes well for you. if i can help please let me know