Two Different Dreams Of The Rapture.

The first dream I had of the Rapture occured several years ago. I dreamed that I was outside working in the yard and all the sudden I saw the sky getting dark and then it just seemed to part and peel back open. I saw Jesus coming down on a shining cloud but He would not touch the ground. I ran up to Him and He told me that I could not go because I had not believed in Him. Then I saw my family and friends leaving with Him but I was left behind. I woke up crying and shaking all over. I don't need a tree to fall on me to understan this dream at all.

Now the second dream occurred Nov 2011. It was a typical night and nothing remarkable happened. Here is the dream:
   I am walking down a small road barefooted. The clouds are dark and boiling and it starts to rain. I can feel the rain on my face and smell the damp earth. I can feel it under my feet. The thunder is rolling so loud it is shaking the ground. There is a young man standing next to me of about 17 years old and I ask him if he knows where I live. He replies that yes he does and I tell him to go to my house and get my shoes. The earth is shaking and rumbling then hail starts to fall. A woman comes up to me and is crying and screaming, "What is going on?" I turn to her and reply, "Its the rapture of the church. Jesus has come for His bride." She falls down and is pulling her hair and screaming, "I thought I had more time! I'm not ready!" I feel for her but I know that it is too late for me to help her. In front of me, there is a cemetary. I hear this sound of like a thousand shofars or trumpets all at one time and then about half of the graves split open. I can hear the tearing of the earth as they split open. I realize that I am witnessing the rapture of the dead in Christ. Then my husband is standing there and we get in the back of a cart being pulled by some kind of vehicle. People are screaming, crying, begging God for another chance and some are just like me, watching the sky quietly. We are sitting in this cart and I look to my right and coming down from the sky are like sonic boom rings. But they are not round but more of square with rounded corners. I look to a field expecting to hear and feel the impact. But there is nothing. Then I feel a hand on the left of my back. As I turn to look, I see the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I know in my soul that this is the angel Gabriel. He is smiling at me and tells me to go and touch the others. At that instant I took off like a shot! I was moving faster than I could think. I went all over the world with hundreds of thousands of others. We were marked and we all knew each other. The last thing I saw was hundreds of thousands of us leaving earth. We were like beings of light. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw the earth getting smaller and smaller and as I looked again forward I saw the brightest light and the great tree of life. That is when I woke up.

I have, since then, had another dream. It was not a rapture dream, but so interesting I thought I would include it here. This occurred May 1 2012. Here is the dream:    I was sitting in a beautiful field of startling wildflowers. In front of me there is a crystal brook that the sound of it was like music. It was so beautiful, peaceful. I look to my left and see a golden lion walking toward me through the high grass. I greet the lion like an old friend and before my eyes the lion's face becomes the face of a man. I can't tell you what He looked like but I knew immediately that this was The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. I felt it in my heart. We are sitting side by side in companionable silence when I hear splashing to my right front. On the other side of the water was a bear. Splashing noisily in the water and pawing the ground, bellowing, snarling. The bear had two faces. One one side he looked like a benevolent grandfather but the other half was pure evil and madness. It was like Two-face from Batman. And for all the bravado of this bear, I felt no fear. I just had this thought like "you want to fight? come on then, I have a lion". All the sudden I felt like something was watching me. To my left front, there appears this tree. I had not noticed this tree before. I don't remember it being there. But it was a beautiful full tree, bushy and lush. On top of this tree sat a huge eagle. The limb it was perched on would not bend under the weight of this bird. The bird I was afraid of. I started to get up and back up, but I felt a gentle pressure on my back and the warmth of the lion's body next to mine. I felt more than I heard the words, "You have nothing to be afraid of because you are not facing her on your own. I am with you always."  The  lion then speaks to me and says, " See the bear? For all her strength and fierceness, if you rely on that she will devour you with teeth and claws for that is her nature." Then the lion points to the bird and says, "See the eagle? She will lift you with false wings to soar to the heavens. She will take you to heights never imagined. But for all her deeds and mighty wings, she will let you go and you shall fall if you rely on her to catch you. For that is this eagles nature." Then I looked at the sky and saw how the clouds movements were speeded up. There was no setting of the sun where I was yet I could tell that time was passing so very fast. The lion then showed me something only I would have recognized. He showed me a hand with the other hand pointing towards the palm and rotating in a clockwise fashion that was moving faster and faster. I realized that this was a sign showing me that time was running out, rapidly. The lion then looked at me. He told me that I need to go back and get my house in order for time as we know it ends soon.   When I woke up, it was like instantly wide awake. I begged God that if I went back to sleep, I would not forget this dream and I would share it with others. I went straight back into a deep sleep almost immediately and had the same dream in the same order of events just as vivid as the first. It has been inbedded in my mind and I can not get this out of my head ... I feel a sense of urgency that I have never before expirenced almost anxious. I have always been a God-fearing person, but I feel even more close to God today than even yesterday. I understand the dream and what was told to me yet I don't fully understand all the "players on the field".  I would like to add that this field from my dream, I have been there before. My dad passed away 15 years ago very suddenly. About three years ago, I dreamt of my dad. We were in this field, under this tree talking and laughing.  This was not heaven as we know it, but I get the sense that this is a "gathering" place just outside of heaven where we go to wait for the time when the gates will be opened.
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May 4, 2012