Uh, Not Sure How To Address This...

If I ever had any doubt during my life that God existed, it is gone, carved out by hate. Pure hate directed at God by people suffering in ways I could never imagine. The experiences I've read on the "I Hate God" group can't be directed at nothing. So much unabridged loathing directed at a hypothetical being is fruitless. There is genuine abhorrence being directed at an existing God.

In one story an individual's torment is turned into a challenge directed at God. He openly declares war on God, and unexpectedly the Devil, as he says Satan was God's creation. He states he will overthrow Satan, make him a subordinate, and use Hell to wage war against God the likes of which He's never seen.

I would never console these people, not because of a lack of caring, but because to do so would insult them with the ignorance I have of their suffering. I'm left with praying for them in silence, with hopes of them seeing the light.
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2 Responses Oct 28, 2011

First do you believe that the sciptures are real or not.<br />
If so have you read it from cover to cover.<br />
It explains it in detail.<br />
What your having a problem is with the thing called free will. It was given to us and we make the choices not Him.<br />
Been there more then one time.<br />
I don't like the attributes myself and lots of it is cruel bussiness. <br />
Without free will we are just robots. <br />
Keep on praying keep on asking Him He will give you understanding on this if you ask.<br />
Satan wants to be King and the angels were also given choice that is why 1/3 of them were thrown to the earth.<br />
God is Holy and has lived for eternity. You are a kind hearted person and like me also did not understand His will and stil have a time with it.<br />
He knows all things past present and future and right now He is growing you up and drawing yuou nearer to Him.<br />
I would say He has pupose for your life and has given you many gifts.<br />
Ask and listen to His answer it is always clear and rebuke that deciever.<br />
The adversery wants you to think all kinds of thing and to go against him and when you got a soul that lives foreverwith only two choices where you going to spend it.<br />
And remember it is a spiritual war that is going on and we are always getting in the cross fire.<br />

At a certain point our options are narrowed down to prayer alone. These stories you talk about are a phenomenon I have dealt with many times. I am often attacked in many ways by people like that, but can only carry on. Some people, I have come to believe, want to be blind.