Yesterday at the suggestion of an EP user, I read Psalm 11 and I did. I read the Notes too. I was so blessed that I would like to share it w/you all.

This Psalm is about King David when he was forced to flee for his safety several times. While David wisely avoided trouble, he did not fearfully run away from his troubles. Even though today we take refuge in the LORD does not mean we are immune to injustice and hatred from others. God is STILL in control.

Faith in God keeps us from losing hope and helps us resist fear. David's advisers were so consumed w/fear because all they could see was frightening circumstances. David was comforted and optimistic because he KNEW God was greater than anything his enemies could bring against him (see Psalm 7:10; 16:1; 31:2-3).

When you feel like your foundations are shaking and you wish you could run away and hide, remember God is STILL in control. His power is NOT diminished by any turn of events. Even though we may be caught off guard, NOTHING happens w/o God's knowledge and permission. When you feel like running away-run to God instead for he is your refuge. He will restore justice and goodness in His time.

God does not preserve believers from difficult circumstances, but He tests both the righteous and the wicked. For some, God's tests become a refining fire, while for others, they become an incinerator for destruction. Don't ignore or defy the tests and challenges that may come your way. Use them as opportunities for you to mature as a Christian.

God promises us that upright men WILL see His face (v.7b)!

I pray Psalm 11 blesses and encourages you. May it bring you much peace and joy.

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great psalm