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GOD Is In Control, NOT ME!!!

I finally do believe that GOD is in control.  My mom was forever telling me, "Just leave it in GOD's hands!!!"  I didn't really understand.  I was always thinking I was in control of everything.  I made myself be a controlling person.  If I controlled the situation nothing bad would happen......maybe.  Well when my husbands suffered his first stroke, I lost it!!! Something that I could not control, happened!!!  That totally messed with my head.  There was nothing that I could do to fix my husband.  This got so bad for me that I had a total mental breakdown.  Many things had happened in my life that made me get to this point.  My husbands stroke, and my daughter being abused by her husband put me over the edge!!!  I had to learn to give GOD all my problems, fears and sadness.  I had to learn to let go, and let GOD.  This was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.  People would tell me that GOD was in control,  not me!!!  All the amount of worrying that I did all those years even before my husbands strokes, was for nothing!!!

It took a few years for me to be able to give GOD all my fears, and worries.  It was extemely difficult for me but I did do it.  I can't tell you the major difference it has made in my life.  That GOD is in control, NOT ME!!!  I don't have to try to take on the world, to fix everything and everybody.  I just give it to GOD!!!  I'm still not perfect in this.  I still do worry a tiny bit, but compared to where I used to be, it's just a major change for me.  My stress level has gone much much lower than it ever was.  I am at peace with the world, because GOD is in control, NOT ME!!!

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 8 Responses Apr 11, 2009

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Hi LittleLena, yeah, I know the feeling. I tried to control all my life. I got no where, but I truly didn't know GOD was in control. I do now, and it makes life so much MORE peaceful!!! Thank you for commenting!!!

Hello amigos,thank you for your comments and for respecting my views.I didn't write this story to try to change anyones beliefs,I wrote it to tell my personal story and my difficult journey to get where I am with GOD.Amigos,I also respect your views and I hope you have a great day!!!

Hello eggyweggs,thank you for your comments!!We don't always get the answers that we would like from GOD,I just accept whatever his will is.Have a great day!!

I respect yr views on this, & if it really helps in your life, i glad for you. However, i tend to believe that God helps those who helps themselves. <br />
<br />
I believe he exists, i just don't think he answers prayers (personal or any selfless prayer) which then brings the question, how can he be in control? Christains will have lots of reasons to explain this, that's all well & fair, its their belief, but u can't expect others to believe what u believe, but i'm truly happy for those who hv found fulfillment in that area.

Hello Arnoldsmom,thank you for commenting on my story.Yes,the same with me,now that I have so much faith,I look back and I realize that it was because of what I went through and I kept the faith and GOD took care of everything in his own way and his own time!!

God is in control. Just saying those words are very comforting to me. My Dad had cancer for 3 yrs. and I am an only child so it was up to me and Mom to take care of him and get him to his Drs. appts. Without God on our side and helping us and being in control we could not have done it. The older I get the more I realize God is in control.

HI stargazergirl,believe me,we've been there,financially,in every way that you talked about.But I had to learn to keep the faith that one day things would change and they finally did.I had to learn to have great Faith and even great Patience.But it all turned out good.Now I would love for there to be a major miracle and that my husband not be sick,but there is nothing that doctors can do for my husband.The artery in his neck is 100% clogged and they do not unclog arteries when they are already 100% clogged,it could kill him.We have to live with this but I have faith that GOD will keep my husband here for many many years to come.So far my husbands doctor has him on all the meds.that can help a person who has had 3 strokes.<br />
<br />
It took a while for my husband to get his early retirement disability also,we finally did have to get the best of the lawyers that work on contingency.But keep the faith sister,GOD has shown us wonderous things in the last few years.

Wow Lilycue, I'm so inspired and at the same time unsure that could ever be my experiece. My husband has been sick, and has not worked for 7 years, our finances are limited, and it is tough. He's trying to get on Social Security Disability, but that is just not happening, weve beenwaiting 2 1/2 years. Anyway, I'm trying to believe God will not forget about us, and work everything out for the good. Except I feel like I'm being hung out to dry so to' speak. I'm hanging in there, but not having as much peace about it as I'd like. I want to just let go of the fear and truly believe He cares and will help us, like you're doing. Thanks for the positive testimony of faith.