Everybody's Definition Of A God Is Goodness And Love. Not Really?

Everybody's definition of a God Is usually that of being Goodness and Love. Not Really?

I seem to notice something like a supernatural force working in this world.  But I never ever really see it done for Love and Goodness.

Humans from Ancient times made up the idea that some God is Good and Loving.  I believe this has been the Deception throughout History.

Life on Earth is all about Predator and Prey. 

Lately the things that would make me happy are all being elusive (And hard for me to get into right now).  And when Religions think the Apocalypse is because that there is some other Evil from us and of us trying to ignoring any such God. That's not true. The Apocalypse is really the Evil of some God who is tired of it all.

That's all.

I'm too frustrated right now to look to all these false calms to look to some Evil God.  Because I don't like the Evil I'm seeing right now.
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

<p>A good god would not, could not, create a world like this. Animals eating each other alive. Animals being born only to be tortured in experiments. Serial killers running rampant abducting people, mutilating them. Whoever is in charge of all this is one ****** up being, who cares if he is powerful, who cares if he calls himself god or if everyone calls him "good" because it makes them feel better to believe in a loving god. We see what we see, and what we see is malicious and evil. It is humanity's obligation to bring this nightmare of existence to its final conclusion. All it takes, folks, is not breeding. That's it.</p>