I Hate Wars And Politics As The History On Earth

I shared a Story: "I Don't Understand How People Believe In A Loving God" in the Group Title: "I Hate Wars".

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The First Evil In This Life, Has Been Predator and Prey.  To me to think there is a Loving God, that makes the Food Chain in this Life, the means of Predator and Prey.  That is taking the Life of another, for some other Specie to Survive.  Is not a Love from God in my opinion.

Then it goes further ...  Species have to Fight wanting Power of others.  Which is constantly this World of Wars and Wars. That to me is that this Doesn't look at all to me, that this world has some kind of Loving God. It looks to me like an Evil God.

Always in the News and being shoved into my face everyday and Most People lately don't have any damn common sense with this Life.  It really bothers me. I hate it!!!  angry  It's Disgusting!!!

Don't tell me there is a  ... Loving God.  Because there isn't!!!
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I think part of the problem is people anthropomorphizing...<br />
The whole idea of god is like a being that is supposedly,<br />
Omniscient and Omnipotent ETc.. and in many ways conforms to the concept of infinity in nearly every respect.... following this course of logic it is a short extension to the realization that there is then simply nothing that exists outside of infinity...... I.E the ONE.....UNITY...<br />
<br />
when you look at it this way there is no good or evil as this requires duality...and in order for creation to happen a fundamental division into opposites is required...etc etc...<br />
I think this can be grasped intuitively (if not mentally)

The badness of Nature as well as the beauty surrounds us. Let me go into my "Mr. Spock" mode here--- would you think that in creation that it would be just that--creation. Why has death and destruction have to overshadow this and why in a lot of instances be so gruesome. What benefit is there in suffering--do animals really know or are humans the only creatures capable of understanding(?) it. What "lesson" is there to be learned and how do we apply it. The savagetry of the Jungle beholds no beauty or lessons for me, through that thick canopy of wonderous growth is a hostile and cruel world, one that knows of no bounds except to survive at all costs and not make a contribution to the overall good of the scheme. I say where is God in this, surely He/She would not have allowed such a thing--I know I wouldn't have and certainly I am not God. The questions then begs, is this the struggle between good and evil and if so why must it go on and destroy what could be a otherwise peaceful enviroment. Can good overcome evil and how in the balance will this finally play out. Finally I feel there must be a better way of things then Predator and Prey mode, Death and destruction themselves do not bring anything worthwhile or noble, just more of the same. Elimination of the undesireable? then why the undesireable in the first place. I just wish God would e-mail an answer on this.

:: paddytram :: You mentioned something, That I have had a hard time with saying myself ... "Refusing to watch "Nature" shows." I was almost wondering why I gring at wanting to watch "Nature" shows and now I see and know that is why. Even though "Nature" shows are more interesting than other things. I had hoped "Nature" would show that if such a "God" was and Loving, that I would see it in "Nature". But actually I do not see it in "Nature".

You have given me something to think over, Thank-you. I, too, have an issue with the predator and prey, I refuse to watch "Nature" shows because of such. Nothing fulfilling or good about it, oh I know its "Nature". Yet in this Universe we see the destruction of whole stellar systems, I just hope that there was no life involved. I still have a comfort with God but maybe if I could ask him/her why the death and destruction, I could possibly understand, don't know if I'll ever reach that plateau. As far as it goes with people, well, you know, that is Human Nature--yes that is a cope-out can't offer a better answer. Thanks for the though provoker.

god izz veryy lovingg .. but god jut has its on ways to show itt maybe this all evilness we human call god izz testing if what ever god does do we still worship god do we still have faith in god this izz all a test god izz taking from each and everyone. there iz a loving god fro everyone but god will show us his love when god wants remmemebrr lifeee iizz a test soo god iz also a test dnt lose faith in god keep worshiping god and have gods name always in ur heart and god oneday will show you his love <br />
<br />
thins izz what i belive :)