I Was Never Ever Able To Understand The Christian God Allowing An Anti-christ

I was never ever able to understand the Christian God allowing End Times having an Anti-Christ, while a supposed loving God remains either anonymous or a coward to make some of us others not even see respectful evidence of a Loving God.

I at lease know much of Christianity and the Fundamentalist Christianity ... (The Conservative's and Republican's) ... want to see one when they see their Opponents taking the lead in Government, but then they too want to have the lead in Government and not be considered being the Anti-Christ, but running a New World Order with the Christ Ideas. Notice something Odd?

How can they live in this Contradiction?

This is one of the Contradictions I couldn't take any longer when I once used to be in Christianity.

There is another kind of Anti-Christ, that I guess I would be in.  That would be that I no longer believe in a Loving God that needs to Intimidate us into finding ...  (It ... (God) ...) in the Christian Religion and not understand this world we live in. I am not for this Christ for this Intimidation and the Lies it has been doing to us all through this history on Earth. And also for not going with all the manipulated Christ ideas from the past.

So why have us all live with this Hell for being manipulated in this Human Idea's Of a Christ Figure that Conservatives and Republicans's so Disparately want to have and Live By?  Who else is making Government live like some Christ Figure?  I don't see it with Progressies, Liberals and Democrates. Other than Opponents trying to get themselves actully that Government they want.  Ruthless Government!
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I think you are getting God confused with some Christians.....

The problem with Religion is that they follow man made traditions and not the commandments and laws of GOD. People tend to blame GOD for things HE is not responsible for. Like the Anti Christ, Wars, Poverty Natural disasters etc. Who you should blame is the preacher who taught you his own ideas and interpretations of what you "must" believe in. <br />
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GOD is a loving GOD, whether you want to recognize it or believe it or not. If He wasn't we wouldn't still be in existence being given the opportunity of learning from HIM [John 6:45, Psalms 32:8], forgiving and being forgiven. <br />
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The universal gift that GOD gave to mankind, is free will.. A person has the gift to use to live their life the way they choose. <br />
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I know that you write from ignorance, a person who doesn't know GOD, nor has had any experiences with HIM. Christ teaches that people can be forgiven for everything evil, with the exception of blasphemy, so I ask GOD to forgive you for what you posted, for you know not what you say. <br />
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GOD Bless