i'm a christian and i don't really believe this. but i am kind of wondering what if all is in reverse? what if God is evil and Satan is good and all the christians betted at the wrong horse? just stretch your imagination for a second here and just try to imagine pure chaos is done in by god and the good things namely love, care, empathy and other carebear stuff are from satan. if you think about it, it all kinda boils down to the name who we are blaming our problems on. faced with an uncontrollable situation, people can't help but blame someone, something or somegod/devil for the miseries that they face; so that they will have an outlet to release their anger. thus they blame an unseen force like god or the devil. yes it might be a defense mechanism for humans, but why not simply use that negative energy and do/make something more productive? idk. just a thought
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Indeed, the God of the Bible, AKA Yahweh, AKA Clilli the Wrathful, is a truly evil being! You should read my featured story, if you wish to learn more.

Suppose we concede for the sake of argument that an evil Creator/Designer exists. Since this being is evil, that implies that he fails to discharge his moral obligations. But where do those come from? How can this evil god have duties to perform which he is violating? Who forbids him to do the wrong things that he does? Immediately, we see that such an evil being cannot be supreme: there must be a being who is even higher than this evil god and is the source of the moral obligations which he chooses to flout, a being which is absolute goodness Himself. As such, if god is evil then there must necessarily exist a supreme God who is all powerful, all good and all loving; One who is the very paradigm of good.

I often wonder If I'm the only who thought of this, now I know I'm not the only one... I'm christian too and I find this really interesting. Though I don't actually believe in it...:)