God Is Selfish.

"God saves everyone that has faith in Him because He loves us." Well, if He saves everyone that has faith in Him, well, that's about Him, isn't it? It's all about Him. WE are forgiven by God. GOD is not forgiven by us. Every since I was able to remember, my life has been pure suffering. Not one kind of suffering, but many different kinds, so many kinds that it couldn't be an "unlucky coincidence." There is a God. There is no way so much suffering could happen to one person like that unless someone planned it out. But I should pray to God for forgiveness, for my faults. He has tortured me every day and I should ask Him for forgiveness. One of my friends once told me that people do bad things to others because that's what people do, and God has nothing t do with it so I shouldn't blame him. Well, alright then. Yes, those CHRISTIAN people who have hurt me are the ones I should be mad at. But are they going to be punished? Nope. God loves them and they will go to heaven. People who go out of their way to hurt me will go to heaven, because God forgives them. It doesn't matter how many people you hurt, if you believe in God, you go to heaven. God "loves his people", so when they hurt each other, the ones that constantly hurt the people who don't want to hurt anyone are rewarded with heaven. Do you see what I'm saying? It doesn't matter what you've done for people, it only matters what you do for God. So does God love His people? No. He does not. God loves God.
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You cannot win with god. he is the most evil, despicable and UNCARING entity in the universe. he revels in the suffering of all his creatures. you will get nothing but callous indifference from god. I hope your life takes a turn for the better and that your pain and suffering eases and hopefully ends.

I am so sorry you feel that way :( God loves you though. Think of it this way: if God let everyone into heaven, it would be like a person who committed murder to get away with no penalty of law. What if you were a realative to the victim? It is justice. Our God is just and He is love. And the reason God may seem selfish to you is because He has a realistic view of Himself. He is the God of the universe, He created everything from nothing. He breathes life into the living. He heals. He performs miracles. He is the Creator of peace, love, and justice. I am probably the worst of all sinners, but He forgives me because I have faith that He is the ultimate God. If you disobey your parents and their authority, they will punish you-- they still love you dearly, but it is for your own good. God is our Father. He punishes us so that we may thrive to become better people. :) please message me if you would like to talk. God bless!!

Well said! There's no reason for you to believe in God though. Just read some science books...it will help you let go of that. And I know you feel like you're cursed, but honestly, some people are just very, very unlucky. Things will even out, given time.

And are you prepared to stand up and say you have never hurt anyone in your life?

You seem very unforgiving.

The whole point of the Message of Jesus is Forgivness. Is that why you reject His Message? Because you cannot forgive?

Something for you to think about.

I forgave the person who almost killed me TWICE. I forgave the people who abused me for 16 years. In fact, I still go out of my way to be nice to those people. Another message of Jesus is not to judge: that is one you ought to try.
I know that people aren't perfect. God is perfect, and he still hurts me. That is why I am angry.
Do you know one of the reasons people hurt me so easily? Because I can't bring myself to hurt people. Maybe I was rude to someone when I was like three, or I yelled at someone when they were being rude to me at some point, but even that rarely happened. I literally go out of my way to be nice to people every day. But to you, I seem "unforgiving". That's why I don't like to speak much at all. Because when I do, people make assumptions like that.

I was not judging you. I would be jhudging you if i condemned you to the lake of fire or i grabbed you and threw you in jail or i punished you by beating you. No i was using the points to get you to think, to self assess.

So how did God hurt you? Since you aknowledge that the suffering you have had was caused by imperfect people. So we can discount all those happenings. Now apart from all that when did God hurt you? what did God do?

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

You are right. You didn't judge, but you assumed, and you used your assumption to criticize rather than offer a solution.
God hurt me because there is no way that a person could have so many "bad" people revolving around them without it being purposeful. The people chose to do what they did, but God offered me no protection.

Well even the laws of averages dictate that some people in the world Must go through the misfortune you have gone through. Right? Or do you disagree?

Some people will have one bad person experience in their life they are rare and some will have run ins with 100 of these experiences and they are rare also.

But what remains constant? Well God remains constant and His will remains constant. And His will for us remains constant. Why be angry with God when He is the only one offering you eternity in a perfect existence that will make the suffering you have experienced (Yes i believe you when you say experienced a lot) as nothing compared to the intensity of Eternal Joy.

Its like two kids racing bicycles down a path. One kid cannot take a turn and falls of his bike scratching his knee. But the other kid continues racing off the path onto the road and gets hit by a car. He lies screaming in pain on the road with internal bleeding and smashed bones. Soon an Ambulance arrives but the child on the road full of rage that He has been hurt so bad refuses the Ambulance officers help, threatening to sue them if they touch him. So the ambulance officer goes to the other child with the scratch on the knee and that child having cried one or two tears smiles and says thank you as the officer treats his scratch.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

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