Good Deeds Are Circular

Back in the early 90's when I was in college, I would go back and forth from school in Waco, TX to my parents house in Houston on a regular basis
(mainly to mooch food and laundry services) on the weekend.  One Sunday on the way back, I came across a lady and her daughter parked on
the side of the highway many miles from the nearest town.  I turned around to see if they needed any help and she told me that her car had
broken down and was stuck.  I offered to go to the nearest town and call someone for her or that I could take her as far as Waco.  It turned out
that she was going to her fathers house north of Waco, which also happened to be right across I-35 from where I was going to school.  So, I
loaded them and their luggage in my car and dropped them off at their destination, said my goodbyes and went on to my dorm.  I didn't ask
for any money for the ride, nor would I have accepted any had they offered.  You see, I have always believed that you do what's right because
its right, not for reward or congradulations.

Fast forward about a year and a half.  I had graduated from college, had gotten my first real job, was on my home and my car broke
down, leaving me stranded about 3 miles from home(yes it was the same car).  Now,  its the middle of summer, its late afternoon hot
and humid.  So I said a few words that I won't repeat here and started walking.  I got about 50 ft when a gentleman in a small truck,
stopped and offered me a ride. I accepted and had him drop me off at the entry to my neighborhood about 4 blocks from home.  I offered him
a few dollars for his gas, he declined, I thanked him and started on the last part of my trip.  I had gotten about a block, when a kind lady stopped
and took me the rest of the way home.  Again, I offered her some gas money, she declined, we said our goodbyes and she went on her way home.

True story.  Was it chance, or the good Lord talking to me when I stopped for the lady and her daughter.  Was it chance or the good Lord
when, not just one but TWO stopped to help me in my time of need.  I may never know.  Help your neighbor.  It's not the big deed that
counts, but the small acts of kindness that really matter.  After all, you never know, when you might need a hand
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A good story. Karma. Gotta love it. :)