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The Night Fungirl's Attitude Was Adjusted...

Did anyone else see the story about the Oregon man that stood at a gas station all day to buy the patrons that came in a fill up of gas?  He was walking up to people as they were pumping gas and buying their fill ups. When he was asked why he was doing it he explained he had received an inheritance and wanted to do something special with it for all people.   All the man asked was that the persons receiving gas do something nice within their budget for someone else.  I wonder how many of those people will do that?


I can tell you a good Samaritan did something like this for me a long time ago.  I was fresh out of college and broke down in a desolate area.  It was cold and rainy and I had no heat to overcome it.  I had stupidly attempted to find a home or business where I could make a phone call (this was before cell phones were available readily) but was unsuccessfully and returned to my car.  A nice truck driver finally came along and although I was a little scared of him I noticed he had a cross hanging from his rear view mirror and this gave me a strange sense of peace.  The man got out and checked my car and determined that the gas gauge on the car was malfunctioning and that I simply was out of gas. He asked me to get in the cab of his truck and again although scared I complied. I figured if he wanted to kill me we were already in the best area for it. He gave me his blanket from his sleeping area and I wrapped up in it.   He then took me up the road several miles to the nearest exit.  There he purchased a gas can and filled it full of gas.  There was a Denny’s restaurant near the gas station so he invited me to breakfast.  We sat there and ate Grand Slams together and talked for a while as he allowed me to dry out from my walk in the rain/ice.  When we left he pulled out a thermos he had purchased evidently at the gas station and went back inside the Denny’s coming out with a thermos of hot chocolate for me.


We then made our way back to my car where he told me to sit in the cab while he put the gas in my car.  He got it started and allowed it to warm up before coming back to help me down out of the huge truck.  He instructed me to drive back to the same gas station.  He followed me back to the exit and got out to pump my gas.  He then paid to fill up my car.


I know you are all thinking this man had a motive and you are right but get your minds out of the gutter it was a pure intention.  I attempted to pay him for his kindness but he refused any payment.  All the man said to me was that he was a father and that he hoped that if his daughter was ever in this situation in the future that he would hope she would find a man similar to him to help her.  


Well I can tell you that there have been many people since then that I have helped although it caused me some delay in my life because of this angel I met.  I still don’t know his name as he refused to give it to me because he said I wasn’t supposed to be in his truck because of insurance regulations.  I was terrified of this man when he came up to me and I was almost snobbish but now I owe this man greatly for what he did for me and I will spend my life helping stranded people because of him.  


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 91 Responses Oct 11, 2008

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That trucker is one of the good ones. So are you. Thanks for a heartwarming post.

Thanks slightly.

It's so great to read a story about a good samaritan when these days they can be pretty rare.

O what a lovely, lovely story! THANK YOU for sharing it!

Thanks JTH.

Fungirl that was a great story. I can say I have done the same thing for people stranded as I have been there myself. It would be hard to pass someone up when you know you can and need to help them.

Those who look the "mangiest" can be angels in disguise. <br />
<br />
<br />

That is a great man. I say bravo to him. Frankly I'm kind of scared if that were happen to me. I don't know that guy. You were brave to have trust him. I'm sure you were a bit scared. Right?

I got a tank of bad gas one time while travelling and my van died on me. The mechanic that diagnosed and fixed the problem would not charge me for anything but the new fuel filter which was only about five dollars. This kind of experience helps to restore your faith in humanity.

If life was like that it would be a nice place to live.They sould make the news to show good deeds only. My life was so fun when i was growing up my parents aiways said you be home by the time the street lights are on. Now i cant let my grankids out of my sight. You are the same always have a cheerful careing way. Steve

Thanks y'all.

he was what us <br /><br />
drivers refer to as a highway angel , <br /><br />
and is a sadness <br /><br />
there arent many <br /><br />
left ,, he is <br /><br />
definately from the old school : ).. i <br /><br />
thank you for not <br /><br />
letting the <br /><br />
kindness stop with <br /><br />
you : )...


A very inspirational and wonderful story and written beautifully written.........straight from the heart. Thank you. I too have daughters and pray should they ever be stranded they too meet a dad with Angel wings. Praise God!!

It is very real though. thank you for reading.

This is so real from it's words. It's like I'm watching a movie. . . or reading out from a teen's book.

Thanks eyo. **hugs**. It is so much of a blessing.

I do some things like that. just the other day I bought this man's gas that I saw counting change apparently to buy gas. When I went in to the store I just told the lady to tell him that an anonymous person had wanted the next person on pump x to get free gas and I paid with cash so it couldn't be traced. I was still pumping my gas when he came back out and he was smiling. I heard him tell his wife their good fortune and that now they could go see someone (didn't understand who.) They both left the station with big smiles on their faces and I felt so good the rest of the day. I was lucky that I had someone share with me so i was able to pass that on to them. I have so many angels in my life.

Glad you were able to have this done for you. I hope that you are able to pay it forward as this man obviously tried to do. I have several times paid for vehicles behind me at drive thrus or bought a gift card at the grocery store and handed it to the person behind me with similar instructions. It is fun to see their faces when they realize what has been done.

I think you should.

wonderful story. i have some .simular stories. What an awesome man to help out so much.<br />
maybe i will write about my experience, i had forgotten about it. great story.


Awwww thanks MB.

Awwww thanks MB.

Here is my story...<br />
<br />
I give flowers to strangers!<br />
<br />

Sooo true. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

This made me feel all good inside, because while it IS a bit of a SHAME we have to be scared and leary of everyone anymore, on the WHOLE there really ARE great peepz in the world. I have been helped more times than i could tell you and its a nature glove from the way i was raised to just help others.<br />
A few weeks ago a young girl approached me, smiling broadly. My kids said she had been studying me...checking me out as if she knew me but not quite placing me<br />
When she darted forward , tears welled up in her eyes<br />
<br />
"You might not remember --- but I KNOW for sure now its you because your smile, the shape and color of your eyes .<br />
She went on to explain how hard up her Momma had been after losing their dad to cancer , and she went on to ask me about my"Australian dad".....I knew then that i was who she thought i was, (i had been engaged to an older British gent..)<br />
She went on to explain: That day you saw me and my sister and momma and you slipped money and a hotel pass into my moms hand and put a tray of food down for us, quiet, to not make a scene. That Mom had told us her plans. We were all going to just go to sleep together so we could be with my Dad"<br />
<br />
By then i was she told me the rest of the story. She said "just caring changed our lives that day. mom got a good job, good home, remarried about 3 years later and Im a nurse, my sister is almost a phychologist....<br />
ANYHOW...What im sayin is: Thanx for posting this story , even though you posted it a couple years ago, Its a great reminder that we JUST never know whose life we might effect by a small miniscule tiny deed or act or impulse of kindess. So if you feel a twinge to help someone, most likely you should act on it. Discreetly as you just never knows whose life you might touch! <br />
<br />
Thanx, Fungrll!

I don't know why, but this story appeared on the opening page when I first opened EP today. It was a very good reminder of why we do things for others, not because we want to get paid back, but rather because we are usually paying back the kindness of others. That we are often dependent upon others that we do not know or wouldn't have gone out of our way to meet if the circumstances were different. Aren't you glad others stop sometimes when they don't have to. <br />
REMEMBER: The best gifts to give and get are usually free, except for the time it takes to give them. And a smile is sometimes the best gift of all.

Thanks Eyeno.

That is so beautiful, I got tears in my eyes near the end. What a sweetheart.