Lost Cell Phone Returned

When I went to workout last night there was a cell phone sitting on one of the machines I was going to use, so I picked it up and moved it.  I worked out for an hour thinking, what should I do.  I came up with three options

1) leave it

2) drop it in the rental office mail box

3) call someone on the phone and see if the could let the person know. 

I ended up calling "Mom" and she ended up giving me her daughters apartment number.  Now I am a nice guy, and just went over and rang the door bell and dropped it off, but that took a leap of faith for Mom to give me the Apartment number.  I hope that if this ever happens to me someone takes the time and effort to return my phone.  I guess I believe in Karma and paying it forward.   If we can't do something nice for someone from time to time, why are we part of the human race.

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4 Responses Dec 18, 2008

You know I did this same thing for someone in the past and ended up dating the guy. I am still friends with him. You are a special person and good things are going to come your way.

M&M, hope you are kidding, my glass is half full not half empty.

The problem these days is people only have cell phone and don't have home numbers. Mom said there was no way for her to get ahold of her daughter except on the cell number.

I believe in Karma too..what you did was very thoughtful and considerate to help a complete stranger out like that. Kudos to you..I hope kindness comes full circle back to you!