It's the Little Things...

When I was pregnant I met a young mom at a consignment store that I shopped at. We started talking about how much kids cost and she mentioned that she was tightening her belt and would not be buying maternity clothes for her second one of she could avoid it. I immediately offered to give her some of mine. She had been admiring the long tank top I was wearing and said she needed something like that. Today, a few months after my baby, I packed up my clothes and took them to the store. I don't expect anything in return. In fact this is the second time I have done this for her. My hope is that she remembers someone else in need and lends a helping hand. I know it is a small thing but think about what we could do if we know someone is in need and lend a helping hand without expecting friendship or anything in return.

caramena10 caramena10
1 Response May 23, 2009

awards fade,applauds stop but that little act of kindness you show to her will always continue,it like a river that flows from one stream to another.