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actually hitler did alot for the country of germany brought them out of poverty and turned them into a powerful nation sadly his greed got the best of him


Lol.. I love me some Hitler humor as much as the next guy. Though, unfortunately like most artists he was just misunderstood. http://www.snyderstreasures.com/pages/hartworks.htm

By misunderstood do you mean not very good at all?

No.. I do not. Art is subjective! He ruled the art world. All inferior art was burned.

Being burnt isn't the same as Self-immolation... Art was protesting Hitler

Oh you so mean! I don't know if I like this side of you!

Very interesting thought.... I have a movie that asked that question, " What if? " It's called " Max "

What if....black Hitler

Then you would be talking about Idi Amin Dada

That is about the closest to a black dictator you will find.

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