I believe that grown ups should be spanked but never the men only the women. My boyfriend spanks me when i dont obey or he asked me to do something that i forgot to do or not do. He would never agree for him to be discplined in any way. I know my place & i know to never to get him upset with me or i would be paddled as he sees fit. Maybe not for everyone, but it works for me.
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Much better than putting women in jails and prisons. At least try giving a misbehaving woman a good noninjurious paddling before using harsh punishments.
A good paddle is a stir stick for a 5 gallon paint pail.

I would love for my husband to discipline me with a spanking when I disobey him. I think I would be a better wife, if he used the paddle on me.

you are absolutely right men NEVER should get spanked its just wrong ONLY WOMAN

For men we have chains, jails and prisons.

Just curious why just womem? Men screw up to

Thanks blueydgrl.
Well I do know that men screw up too.
But I know my place.

Man, I could never spank my girl friend, plus I would never want to lead a relationship alone, otherwise it is more having a slave. The only point for a relationship to me is to lend the other a hand and create a mutually beneficial relation, and for me, that would really help.

Well karen943 thank for your comment.
I'm sort of like a slave.

Hey kmn4, no im sorry i dont think a grown woman should be spanked because she forgot to do something like buy milk. this is like an inferiority complex you have and well im not like that, im for equality and waaayy against sexism. im not sure where you think only women should be punished. but i do agree i know my place because i need to respect my elders until they give me a reason not to. anyways if you dont care about being spanked then yea thats your think but i havent been spanked since i was like 6/7 years old. but if you dont like this and yea this could be considered abuse anyways dear kmn4 please take care and i hope you realize your value in life, everyone is important no matter who they are and what they did. sorry if i offend anyone

Well I appreciate your view on this messedupgirl167 thank you

Not for forgetting something unless it is chronic. Spanking or paddling is for wilful disobedience, rebellion against her lord and master. She should try to meet him at the door with a hug and kiss when he gets home after a hard day's work.
If at all practical she should be home centered. She should have a home industry.
In turn, he must be kind and gentle toward her. When she has been diligent in her duties he should bring her a small gift. Big gifts are for anniversary, her birthday, Xmas.
BIG important thing: Neither should ever use sex as a weapon or bargaining chip. Each should be available to the other always, except when she is on her period or cleaning-out time.

Very true, exactly right, but men need to make sure they are fair too, but it is for men to watch other men.

And hey kmn4, stop wanting to die, dont you know the world needs women like you more than ever? Stick around, you make the world a better place and GOD has a purpose for you here right now. In HIS good time, before too long HE will take you into eternity, serve HIM well in the meantime so you can get the very best reward at the end.

Thank you for your comment I appreciate it

Sarah and the other holy women of old time called their husbands "Baali," that is, Lord, Master, Owner.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.


I'd love to be spanked by a women

Be careful what you wish for.


some of us men even like being paddled

Or what? (wishing... wishing... wishing....)

Paddlesticks for women, fines, jails and prisons for men.

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some men need to be spanked as well.

Some? lol


i totally agree. i believe and always have that men are ruler of the relationship and if he tells you to do something and you tell him no then he has the right to discipline you as he sees fit. weather its spanking or time outs and grounding

Thank you christinajo

"As he sees fit," that is, among the things you mentioned: spanking, time outs, grounding.

Right exactly with having a female spank you not a male...they are so peervy and weird.. I want to find a female spanker/mentor in the Virginia DC area.

I spank my bf i will never let any man spank me. I have to disagree with what you say that only women should get spanked no when i started to spank my bf there was a huge diferince in our relationship he like getting spanked when he does something wrong

Your relationship is topsy-turvy. If you are a strong woman and he a weak man, your chore is to uplift him and encourage him to wear the pants in your house.

For whatever reason, I have always wanted my husband to spank me when I get out of hand. Even so, he never has. I don't even know what would make me want something like that. Adrenalin? Hormones? <br />
<br />
I actually wrote him an email about a month ago after a really big argument that spiraled out of control primarily because I was out of control. It was an argument that began over nothing all that big and I became disrespectful. When I get like that I have always desired my husband to stop me from behaving that way. <br />
<br />
Instead he gets angry and gets away from me or sulks for a couple of days. It sucks. I have no idea if my spanking hint will work or if it will even help. I personally think that I get overwhelmed at times and need boundaries and to know beyond any doubt that I am not the dominant one in the relationship. That is likely what attracted me to him to begin with, ie his being very manly, strong, dominate etc.. <br />
<br />
Well, I let him know what I thought and I guess we won't know until we have some issue again someday if he will take my advice and stop my out of control behavior.

You need to do more than hint, if a man spanks a woman in this backwards culture without overt and provable consent he risks being charged with assault and having to go through hell that can cost everything he has worked for and last many years even after the jail sentence is served. Certain men are willing to risk such to stand their ground with or without permission (I just happen to know one such specimen very intimately), but to take an average guy and make him dominant, you will have to not only permit and encourage his fledgling dominance to grow but also give him abundant assurances of your permission and approval and never act wounded or harmed by it and never ever give him the idea that you would use it against him under ANY circumstances.

You are on the right track for sure though, a throbbing sore *** and a good hard cry into a pillow sure beat being guilty of letting your female emotions make mountains out of molehills and ruin what could otherwise be productive times, also having to bottle up all that unfair treatment from you will give a fella a heart attack or a stroke, being able to put a stop to your nonsense, take control and teach you to behave better, all while letting off a little steam and seeing the feminine beauty and attractiveness of submission will help him and make him trust you more and feel more protective of you. The whole thing, as long as it is not psychoanalyzed into appearing somehow 'evil' will strengthen your bond in way words can barely describe. Just be sure you are serious and that this is not some kind of game or angle or it will just backfire in a big way and make things much worse.

Of course if he is too brainwashed to let his natural dominance out, then he may just ridicule you for not going with the 'politically correct' flow. I do hope he wants to be a real man for both of your sake.

He likely fears that this effeminate society will attack him for being the ruler of his house. The woman is given the upper hand by the homewrecker element in government and society.

And I think if both men and women have authority to spank then who has final say? That would be a big power struggle.

My husband and I recently started d.d. I can't believe the difference in both of us. Him having final say is like the world has been lifted of my shoulders. He has stepped up to the plate like never before. We have been so loving to each other, we have been respectful, even through pms (which monthly leaves me viscous and wanting a divorce) I was like a different person. Our sex life has more than doubled..we are more romantic...we are better parents. We have had one disagreement which I got mouthy during which took one spanking to put things back in perspective. My life has changed and 100% for the better.

I believe both men and women should be spanked for correction even if he is the head of the household. I think some women are better suited to lead. I believe spanking that also be used to release tension erotic Glen

i can answer the men not being spanked then i believe in christian domestic discipline meaning we believe in god and in the bible it says men are the head of the family women are to obey

I am in seminary where I study the Bible inside and out. That is a Pauline writing and it does not mean that. You have to take many factors in to perspective. And it says ti be EQUALLY submissive, it says to submit to one another. And if you read the whole passage it says the man is to do what Christ did for the church? Did Christ beat or spank a woman? No, he went to countless women and was compassionate to them, going against the law. It was Christ who was whipped and beaten and spit upon and died on a cross, humiliating and torturous, for every single person. Read the Bible and see the truth for Heaven sakes... don't just take what you have been told all your life as the truth!

A disciplinary spanking does not begin to compare to a Roman whipping with a cat o' nine tails, which is what Jesus got. The nails and other junk tied into the "tails" tore the flesh off the bones.


no sweet heart you are number one i was talking about men and women not children the bible says men are the hed of the family it does not saymen should spank thier wives that is just what i believe number two like so many before you spare the rod and spoil the child has nothing to do wih beating children a rod was a staff used to lead lead not bea sheep in other words if you lead a child down the right path he will follow

I'm subservant i guess thats why i feel like that.

I'm subservant i guess thats why i feel like that.

Silvertop i think its great that you enjoy being spanked.

thanks kmn4.i do enjoy it to the point that it is an obsession with me and sometimes more preferrable than the sex act.I have alway found great sexual satisfaction from a spanking from a female. And the female doesnt have to be a raving beauty.Thats not important to me. it could be like the 80+ old lady where i live.I just love to be across a womans knee. Its soooo sexual.

well i can see for senual reasons but just discipline i just think its men that should be the spanker. Like i said just my opinion.

The men's spanking also hurts more than the women so....

I wonder why you are selective about only women and not men being spanked. But its your own personal opinion but I dont agree with it. When I was married I loved my wife to spank me and she enjoyed it as much as I did.It was very sexy to be across her knee and it was a regular thing in the marriage.

I think that I agree with the story because I get spanked by my boyfriend and I believe it because I am pretty naughty and I would not think of spanking him