I thought the idea of adult spanking was foolish at first. But then I thought about some of reason why I was spanked growing up and it seemed logical. Some of our behaviors carry over from being children, teens, and adults and if you was spanked for them back then it keep those behaviors in check but now most adults are not spanked so those bad behaviors continue to run your life without any type of control.
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Thats why we have willpower

I agree....
My grandmother was spanked by my grandfather
My mother was spanked by my Dad
They didn't know but I snuck around and herd. The were in a lot better state of mind after their spankings. They seemed to be friendlier and happier as well but this was from a kid's point of view.

In the old days, spanking was prevalent
I am 65 and have help women needing spanked for over 40 years. So what everyone here has stated is so true.

that makes so much sense , I live in texas and am currently trying to ind someone to give me a spanking . I think it would help my focus and life in general.

You are so right. I have always believed that those who have grown up with such disciplinary and punishment often, though not always, take the need through life.