Who Gets Spanked?

I get annoyed when I see wives should be spanked by their husbands, girlfriends by boyfriends, etc, etc. You can make something up for the etc's!

Anyway, the fact is that we all misbehave at some point. And while I do not think spankings are for all people (grounding and other forms of discipline work better with some people, YES adults also), there are those that do learn from spankings. And for those, male, female, transgender, they all need to be spanked!

Now, I will get off my soapbox! I have an online accountability friend (well more than that) that leads me in self spanking when I misbehave. I believe they come from that person but sometimes I wish I could go across that person's knee and have that person spank me. I think I'd get in a lot less trouble!
callmemadison callmemadison
36-40, F
Sep 21, 2012