Father Image

I am over 60 with gray hair but have spanked women for many years.

As a father image, I do not do sex but like a father with love, care and compassion.

I do give good spankings until red to make sure that the lesson is thoroughly
My mannerisms are a lot like a Father who loves,cares and gives hugs after a spanking. I focus just on you.
If you need someone to look after you and correct your misdeeds I am here.

Location: Columbus Ohio aspanker@hotmail.com
aspanker43232 aspanker43232
61-65, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Just shortly after I posted on here my fiance spanked me with his belt. Not enough for me to regret it but enough to get me hot and horney.... I have a birthday comming up in August and hopefully he will give me my birthday spankings with his belt, a paddle and a wooden spoon.... Till my *** is aching for more.... I would love him to tie me down and spank my *** till it is cherry red....

If you were closer i would ask for a spanking

I am looking for a Lady who needs and wants. However, I like to get to know the woman so that my spankings can be meaninful
Sorry you are not closer as I'd like to get to know you.