I Need A Spanking

I have never been spanked by my parents .... when I was little my mom used to threaten me " If you don't behave I'll send you to your father " ( they are divorced and he never saw me since I was born ) and locked me in my room and that's it ! And now that I am almost an adult she let's me do whatever I want and she didn't ground me for like 4 years . I know that it may sounds odd but I think I really deserve a spanking and let me tell you why . I often get drunk , I smoked marijuana , I have bad grades and I skip classes alot , I usually fight alot with my grandmother and ... I stole my mom's jewelery and I often steal some of her money and my grandmothers . Eventhough I feel that I need a very good spanking I can't ask my mom 'cause I'm ashamed . I would like to be spanked by a stranger ( a man and a woman pershaps ) and I will take any kind of treatment (spanked with the belt paddle hairbrush hand strap , pull my hair , grab my ear or anything) it will make me be more obedient .
TheRebelTeen TheRebelTeen
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I agree that you need quite a serious Spanking otk.

I am in Columbus Ohio if your interested...contact me

Yes you are very bad. I pull your panties down and put you across my knee. Holding you down,i paddle your *** red. Then use the strap on you. Stand you up,bend you over the chair. Cane your *** 100 times. You will be very very red with stripes all over your bottom. Then I give you a bath,put you in pj.s and send you to bed. Later I will check on you,if you are not in your bed another spanking you will get. Better behavior young lady!!

I have been a strict disciplinarian for many years - We should discuss more. Feel free to see my profile and let me know.

hi rebel teen , i understand where your coming from it nice to be able to visit some one for a proper spanking and no sex just to be disciplined when needed no matter what age ? if you like to chat email me at fpatrick80@gmail.com i like to chat to all pat

It is a great way to learn - I hope you find what you are looking for!

Would love to talk with you more lets become friends.