Taylor And Ivy

Taylor and Ivy were domestic partners. Ivy had just gotten her third ticket this month raising the insurance bill up to $800 a month. She knew just like in previous times, that she was in big trouble like never before. The last two times, Taylor had spanked her, but not to full intensity. Ivy was warned that if she ever got another ticket again, that Taylor would kick and tear her *** up like never before. Even thinking about it made Ivy want to break down and cry. She wanted to hide it, but she knew that of she did Taylor would eventually find out like previous times, and she would be in more trouble than she already was in.  Ivy decided to go smoke, even though she wasn't allowed to. Without any notice Taylor came bursting out on the patio, and immediately started spanking Ivy's butt HARD. Tears had already swelled up in her face, even before the first smack landed.After about 15 minutes Taylor eventually stopped, leaving Ivy breathless and tearing. Taylor said " Get UP!" Ivy knew that Taylor meant business so she did as told. " I can't believe you went against the rules and smoked!"" Since you are acting like a child, I will treat you like one!! Go to your room., and stay there until I get back, AND DEFINITELY DON'T MOVE! She slams the door. Taylor returns an hour later and carries a hairbrush, a spoon, and a leather belt. Ivy pleads " no, no, no, I won't do it eveeer again!" Taylor snatches Ivy by the arm, yanks her over her lap and immediately starts spanking her until Ivy didn't have any more tears left to cry. They later hug and taylor explains to her why it was so important that she not smoke. They go on, only to find Taylor the one smoking again.
To be continued.....
TealB1999 TealB1999
22-25, F
Dec 9, 2012