Tonight I Gave A Spanking

I met up with a lady who answered my ad on craigslist (of all places) for someone who would like to be spanked.

We met up at the back of an office building nearby and got in the back of her car after pulling the front seats forward. She was older than me but that's fine with me.

She pulled her jeans down and laid over my lap. I gave her *** a nice feel and squeeze and told her that she has a very spankable ***, then I started with my bare hand, slapping one cheek then the other. Then spanking 8-10 times on one before moving to the other, she would not be sure which side would be next. She started to clench then relax. After some bare hand OTK spanking we decided to try and use a wooden spoon I brought with me. A few slaps of that were too much for her, and we moved on to the ping pong paddle. This would suit her.

She told me to go harder, which I gladly did. I loved the sound of that bat coming down on her bare skin. She would quiver and shake under me as I started to paddle her faster and with more force. She was getting red and I could feel the heat radiating from her behind. She finally gave in and I stopped immediately.

She pulled her pants up and we had a hug then went our separate ways.

I get a lot of satisfaction from providing a valuable service. If anyone is in the Dallas area and needs the relief a good spanking can give, hit me up!

(I will post this in several groups - sorry if you see it more than once)
mrtexasguy mrtexasguy
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Dirty crotch strikes again. You look so familiar.

If you don't like it, click the block button.

Why do you think I am not liking something?

By the apparent tone of your comment.

How does a text have a tone? I called you Mr.Dirty crouch out of playfullness. Sheesh.... if you wish to be addressed more respectfully then don't greet people straight slapping ham like it's summer night and you 're front porch breezing some heat rash salad.

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