"Ezayek Enaharda?"(how R U Today)

a few years ago i was meeting up with a friend of mine in front of the Liquor store called Drinkies in egypt. it is or rather was our meeting destination. when i finaly got there i saw her and she started running at me screaming my name and she hugged me. we both started laughing. the next day as i went up to our meetin point i heard someone calling my name. it was a boy i had never seen in my life. he clothes were dirty and carrying a rag. he asked me for some money to buy something to eat and i ignored him. then  i asked him how he knew my name and he said he had heard the girl (my friend) screaming my name at me the other day. i laughed and gave him a pound(or dollar for those who dont knw). it was very strange for me that he actualy remembered my name. soon enough it seemed that all the beggars that were there called me by my first name. And everytime i saw them i gave them a pound or bought them a bag of chips. my friends found it weird that i would be nice to them and at first i was ashamed and embarassed to be giving them anything but then  started to not care. but they were always nice to me, even if i didnt have a pound t give them i would say next time. but the joy and the way their eye lit when i gave them food or money was just incredible. seeing the look of happiness on their face brought me some happiness also.

one day, one of the boys commented on my new haircut and said i should keep it that way when the rest of the world made fun of it because it was unseen on a girl in egypt (i tend to deviate from cultural standards). the kindness you show others come back to you no matter how small. and i am happy to say that i give to people, little boys and girls who have nothing and it makes my day.

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What a lovely Story. If there ios a God he is smiling down at you.<br />
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A Lovely Person<br />
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Oh, here's the URL code <br />
http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NPabMyVvC9s<br />
Ermengarde Tenderstone<br />
a.k.a. E.T.

If you have YouTube, watch this video! It tells us how we should treat others, in a long-winded way, based on this man's near death exp. <br />
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I enjoyed you story! I'm a new person, joined today.