To Choose Or Not To Choose

Happiness is a choice
Its a daily choice and a challenge I love to be good at
Every situation has a positive aspect, sometimes it may not be apparent straight away.
Don't force it, sometimes the good in a situation takes time to show itself!
How to find that inner happiness may be different for everyone

Some ideas that may apply are.
hug lots
do something silly just because
listen to music
find the good in everyone and everything
Do something you love to do

anyway I am sure there are heaps more ideas floating out there in cyber space

Bythelight0fthemoon Bythelight0fthemoon
36-40, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

I agree but not sure if I can always find the happiness in things. I think I try but sometimes you just get tired. I like your outlook though and it makes me wonder if I try hard enough to see my happiness. Thanks

It can be tiring at first as it requires changing thought processes. I started small and had no intention of becoming happy lol. Looking up at the moon makes me happy, sunrise, sunsets and memories of the beach - the sound of waves crashing and thrashing is the best music I have ever heard apart from rain that is!

I never used to look for the good but it has become a challenge to try and look at everything in a positive sphere and the challenge is quite fun! Instead of being a drain on my energy it fills me up and you glow from the inside.

I am not happy all the time - who is? The Dalai Lama maybe!

Yes,there are quite a few like Dalai Lama as their joy is happiness flowing from within and for no reason

I hope we have all felt that flow Sinathamby, if only for a brief moment :)