What Posters Do You Have On Your Walls

I read alot of books so I can't quote or reference where this came from?
it was explained to me 20 yrs ago like this
our inner universe or mental state is like a bedroom
you have four blank walls
everyday you get to choose the posters you want to put up on your bedroom walls, just like when you were a teenager in love with your favorite rock band.
These posters are our thoughts and what we spend time and energy on.
Instead of rock bands we get to put up feeling and emotional posters that we can stare at all day long - for weeks perhaps.
Do you choose a sad poster of memories relating to a past situation?
guilt anger joy happiness love

what posters do you choose to waste your precious time on?
Bythelight0fthemoon Bythelight0fthemoon
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

i have posters goin' on in me haid ever' day. does dat count?!!

sure does

I like to surround myself with nice quotes. On my wall I have two quotes. One that says..."Every great dream begins with a dreamer." and "Everyday do one thing that will take your breath away" I also have this book that shares a positive thought or quote so I read that in the mornings. I also collect quotes in this book I have and read a lot of online blogs/sites with quotes and positive thoughts.

oh wow! I love your quotes!
share as many as you like ok ;-)
there is such beauty in quotes as well as poetry - words have power

I like to put up positive posters of love and joy .I like to put up posters that bring back back positive memories.Although a few years back I had a chalkboard that i would would put a different quote up each day that pertained to what i seen my friends differnt emotions to life and just life as it was at that time.:)

Sorry Hidden I only just saw this ! Thats a great idea - I just collect them because they make me happy :)