What Is Happiness?

To a very special person that I bumped into this morning, just by reading her stories! What an amazing woman!

We find happiness in hard times. We find happiness in ourselves, deep inside in a dark cave where our hearts have been hiding afraid to see the light because the light hurts!Allow your heart to come out of its cave and let it face the light. The pain we feel will be taken over by happiness! It is inside YOU. Not someone else. I too met someone here. Most have complicated lives. Most of my friends here that get involved with EP members eventually get hurt. Deeply hurt because they shared their most intimate thoughts, feelings, fantasies and more. Be careful my dear friend. Success you already have it! You just don't realize it because you are a Go-getter! You are demanding so much more of yourself. You are a perfectionist. You are a realist. You accept pain as part of life. And it is! But HAPPINESS too is out there and it does not come with a man sweety. It comes from your heart. From your son. From those that are there for you in hard times. EP friends are great as well! But be careful sweety. I speak from experience and second-hand experience!I send you love, peace and harmony in your life.You sound like an amazing Mother, Woman, Friend.SL
SexxxyLeopard SexxxyLeopard
46-50, F
Jan 11, 2013